3 January, The Holy Name of Jesus

This will be my last entry until I get settled in at Santa Croce in Gerusalemmme in Rome. I leave tomorrow on the wings of Aer Lingus and will arrive in Rome on the 4th. I hope to be able to celebrate Holy Mass in the Dublin airport during my layover there.

I wish that I could write more for January 3rd, the feast of the Holy Name of Jesus. One of my favourite prayers is the sweet and powerful invocation of the glorious Irish and English Martyrs: Iesu, Iesu, Iesu, esto mihi Iesus. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, be to me a Jesus.

O God, who in the Holy Name of Jesus
have given us a light in every darkness,
food for every hunger,
and medicine for every affliction;
mercifully grant that we may find
no name more agreeable in the singing,
more welcome in the hearing,
and more comforting in thought
than the most sweet Name
of your Only-Begotten Son
Jesus Christ who is Lord forever and ever.