At Holywell

I am in Wales, having crossed the Irish Sea yesterday by ferry boat, the Jonathan Swift. The crossing lasted less than two hours. Tomorrow I am to preach in Wrexham Cathedral. Today I am in Holywell, the site of the ancient pilgrimage to Saint Winifrede’s Well. The healing waters of Saint Winifride’s Holy Well have attracted pilgrims for over 1300 years. Holywell has been called “The Lourdes of Wales”.  I went down to the Holy Well this morning, said my prayers to Saint Winifrede, asking for many favours, and plunged my hands and face into the very cold waters. The Holy Well, now in the care of Italian Vocationist Fathers, is one of those places where faith is very much in evidence, where people come to pray, and where God manifests His merciful goodness through the intercession of His saints.

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