Father and Teacher of monks and hermits

romuald_bielany.jpgThe Supplemento Monastico al Messale Romano gives the following Collect and Preface for Saint Romuald. Although of recent composition and somewhat lacking in the sobriety of more ancient Latin texts, they are not without a certain unction. The translation from the Italian is my own.


O Father of lights, from Whom descendeth every gift,
and Who didst grant unto Saint Romuald
perfect compunction of heart
and a deep spiritual intelligence of the Scriptures;
renew us, we beseeech Thee, by Thy Spirit,
so that, by the steady and diligent hearing of Thy word,
we may be conformed to Christ Thy Son.
Who with Thee liveth and reigneth
in the unity of the same Holy Spirit,
God forever and ever.


It is truly meet and just,
right and availing unto salvation,
that we should at all times and in all places give thanks unto Thee,
O Lord, Father Almighty, and eternal God.
In Thy lovingkindness
Thou didst fill Saint Romuald,
the Father and Teacher of monks and hermits,
with the overflowing joy of lofty contemplation;
Thou didst enrich him with the light of the Prophets
and enflame him with the zeal of the Apostles;
Thus, by the silence of his tongue and the eloquence of his life
did he lead back many into the way of salvation.
For this gift of Thy bounty,
we join ourselves in exultation with the angels and the saints,
and so sing the hymn of Thy glory:

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