This nation soaked in the blood of the innocent

Madonna Preziosissimo Sangue.jpg
There have been more than 40 million abortions in the United States since 1973.
formed by the Holy Spirit in the womb of the Virgin Mary,
have mercy on the nations soaked in the blood of the innocent.
May that vast army of infants slaughtered mercilessly in their mothers’ wombs
raise their voices and plead before Thy throne in glory
for an end to the crime of abortion
that has so rightly merited Thy Father’s wrath
and caused the nations to become an abomination in His sight.
Do what Thou must, O merciful Heart of Jesus,
to reveal to all the horror of this sin
and to bring us to repentance.
Immaculate Virgin Mary,
thou who didst bear Thy Son for nine months
in the inviolate sanctuary of Thy womb,
intercede for all who, confident in thy maternal protection,
seek to defend the life of unborn children.