A Brightness in the Night

My very dear Poor Clares at Bethlehem Monastery in Barhamsville, Virginia have inaugurated a splendid website and blog. Mother Abbess is the keeper of the blog and I hope that she will continue to let her light shine.
The vocation of the Poor Clares is to reflect as in a mirror the radiance of the Face of Christ, the Poor One, the Crucified, the Beauty of Heaven and of Earth. This they do by seeking Him ceaselessly in the Scriptures, in the adorable mystery of the Eucharist,
and in the communion of life together.
The Barhamsville Poor Clares have a profound love of the sacred liturgy. Lectio divina and daily adoration of the Most Holy Eucharist are integral to their life. They hold a very special place in my priesthood and in my heart.

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