Silverstream’s Novena to Saint Patrick

Thou glorious Apostle of Christ, Patrick most blessed, enlightener of this land: thou art he who, in bowing before the inscrutable designs of Providence, wast found worthy to become a new Abraham, bringing forth in Christ our God the sons and daughters of Ireland, a countless progeny, through whom all nations would be blessed.

We claim thee as our own father, having been brought together by that same Providence from many lands to this place, where the very soil under our feet sings out the glories of the Saints of old.

Desiring only to graft our frail young branch onto the great tree of thine own planting, we beseech thee, O Patrick, by thy prayers, so pleasing to the Holy Trinity, to prosper this work of ceaseless adoration, the sweet yoke of Christ we have taken upon ourselves for the sake of his priests.

Send us, from among Ireland’s youth, new sons and brothers in this our school of the Lord’s service, countrymen of this island who will do battle with us under the Rule of our Patriarch and Lawgiver Benedict, who dwelleth with thee in glory among the Saints in light.

We beg this favour of thee, O shepherd, confident that thou wilt grant our request, for the love which thou bearest for this flock of thine, the apple of thine eye, the Irish people.

Allow us to become in some way, according to thine own example, an instrument of Providence by which this hallowed island may echo again with one ceaseless canticle of praise and thanksgiving to the eternal Father, through his beloved Son Jesus Christ, in the unity of the Holy Ghost, ever one God, throughout all ages of ages.  Amen.