Saint Dymphna

dymphna-posterPraying With Confidence
A fervent crowd filled our oratory to overflowing for the first evening of the Solemn Novena to Saint Dymphna. Ireland’s Lily of Fire is already showing the power of her intercession by moving people to pray, to hope, and to put their confidence in God. Click on this link to the Supplica that we are saying to Saint Dymphna each evening of the Novena:

And here is the hymn composed especially for the Novena:

Hymn to Saint Dymphna

Saint Dymphna, let thy radiant grace
shine bright upon each downcast face
To us who greet thy triumph–day
Extend thy hand, make safe our way.

Thy soul to heavenly mansions sped
While fear and threat’ning shadows fled;
Thou didst forgive thy father’s crime
And now giv’st peace to troubled minds.

Thou consort of the Angels bright
Thou shinest clothed in robes of white,
Robes washed in streams of virgin blood,
A dauntless martyr for thy God.

Thou Ireland’s child and Lily of Fire,
Thou Flanders’ voice in heaven’s quire,
Smile now on all who seek thy prayers
Make light our burdens, banish our fears.

Be thou a friend to souls in grief,
To tortured hearts bring thou relief,
Save from despair, let hope increase,
Bring all to Christ, the Prince of Peace.

All laud to God the Father be,
All praise, eternal Son, to thee,
All glory as is ever meet,
To God, the holy Paraclete. Amen.


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