Lose yourself in His adorable, divine immensity

M_Mectilde_Sacred_HostOh, I love to reflect on the presence of God in a soul! To think that we are immersed in God, that we are in Him, that we live and move in Him,; that it is He who sustains us and gives us life, and who gives us the being that we have! Without Him we would not be. What effect do such thoughts not produce is one’s soul?

I compare this presence of God to the atmosphere: at certain times the sky is covered with cirrus clouds, but if the weather is windy, these clouds are blown away and not a single one remains. Then the sky becomes splendid with brightness and beauty. You will notice the same thing when the sun appears in multiple rays.

So it is in the soul. If your interior is filled with a thousand things that worry you, that afflict you, that trouble you and paralyse your spirit, apply yourself to the presence of God. Surrender yourself to Him. Look at Him, and think only of Him. Recall His goodness and His mercies. Occupy yourself with His greatnesses and His infinite perfections.  Lose yourself in His adorable, divine immensity, and you will come to realise that all that was troubling you has been dispelled. And you will feel your soul in a surprising calmness and peace.

Mother Mectilde de Bar
18 April 1694

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