The Master of Novices (LVIII:1)

dompie-2Chapter LVIII.  Of the Discipline of Receiving Brethren into Religion
11 Apr. 11 Aug. 11 Dec.
Afterwards let him go into the Novitiate, where he is to meditate and study, to take his meals and to sleep. Let a senior, one who is skilled in gaining souls, be appointed over him to watch him with the utmost care, and to see whether he is truly seeking God, and is fervent in the Work of God, in obedience and in humiliations. Let all the hard and rugged paths by which we walk towards God be set before him.

The portrait above is of the young disciple of Blessed Columba Marmion, Dom Pie de Hemptinne (1880–1907), monk of Maredsous.