Rise and Live

Frère Jean, ermite.jpg
So wearied with long journeying,
and never didst thou cry, Enough;
still obstinate, confess thy need thou wouldst not.
Alas, what anxious fears were these,
that to my service made thee false,
of me no memory left thee,
no thought?
And all because I nothing said,
made as if I nothing saw,
till at last thou hast forgotten me!
Yet, thou wouldst have right,
it is I that must declare it;
thy own striving is all in vain . . . .
His the prize, that in me has confidence;
on my holy mountain he shall find a resting place. . . .
A message from the high God, the great God,
whose habitation is eternity, whose name is hallowed!
He, dwelling in that high and holy place,
dwells also amidst chastened and humbled souls,
bidding the humble spirit, the chastened soul, rise and live!
(Isaiah 57, 10-15, translated by Monsignor Knox)