The Ignatius Press RSV Lectionary

The critique of the NAB Lectionary by Father Neuhaus reminded me that for some time I have wanted to recommend the two volume RSV Lectionary published by Ignatius Press. “The Lectionary has been reviewed and recognized by the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments to be in conformity with Liturgiam Authenticam, the Holy See’s recent norms for biblical and liturgical translations. In fact, this Lectionary is the only English-language lectionary presently recognized as conforming to Liturgiam Authenticam. It is also the only English-language lectionary whose text is identical to that found in a published edition of the Bible . The new RSV Lectionary has been approved for use in the Antilles Bishops Conference.” The US Bishops would do well to take a lesson from their brethren in the Antilles.

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