He Will Be Silent in His Love

Did anyone else notice the discrepancy in today’s First Lesson between the Latin lectionary and the English lectionaries currently in use? The Latin text contained this wonderful phrase: “Gaudebit super te in laetitia, silebit in dilectione sua, exsultabit super te in laude” (Soph 3:17) — “He will rejoice over thee with gladness, he will be silent in his love, he will be joyful over thee in praise.”
In none of the current lectionaries is the phrase, silebit in dilectione sua, translated with a reference to silence. This, however, is the text given in the editio typica of the lectionary, and it rather left me breathless. “He will be silent in his love.” Ponder it. I did allude to the phrase today in my homily on the Introit Gaudete (see below).

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