Ab initio, et ante saecula creata sum

At the beginning of time,
before the world was,
I was created,
and to all eternity
I shall not cease to be (Ecclus 24:14).

How I love this sixeenth century Mexican depiction of the Eternal Father painting the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, the Immaculate Conception! The Eternal Father is deep in conversation with His Son; between them flutters the Holy Spirit, the living bond and perfection of their love. Note the way the artist sought to show he wings of the dove in movement.
The Eternal Father Himself, the Divine Artist, is holding His palette; the palette bears the roses that He is applying to the Virgin’s robe. The gaze of the Son, with an ineffable tenderness, is fixed on the Face of the Father. “I was with Him forming all things: and was delighted every day, playing before Him at all times” (Pr 8:30).
In the bottom left hand corner of the painting is the Angel of the stars and moon. In the image of the Mother of God he contemplates the stars and the moon that he has given at the Father’s bidding. All around the painting are cherubs, happy to participate in the Divine project.

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