Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

This policy describes the privacy practices for information collected and used in the “Vultus Christi” project.

This website is operated by webmaster Richard Chonak as a non-profit volunteer project. In this policy, “Vultus Christi” refers to him and participating writers and site administrators.

The Vultus Christi web site is located in the United States, and therefore will process, receive, and store information about users in the United States, which may not provide as much protection as your home country.

If you read portions of the site, the web server may save data about your visit, such as IP address, device and browser type, web pages requested, and referring URL.

This site uses the Google Analytics service for statistical monitoring of usage.  If your browser accepts cookies from web sites, Google Analytics will also receive data on your visit, and may correlate that data with other information to draw inferences to identify your location, age, sex, or other demographic information.

If you use any of the login options in order to post a comment, the site will receive the identifying information you offered (such as name, e-mail address, and/or social login ID).  Any comments you offer may be kept permanently and displayed to other users, as well as to site administrators and participating writers.

Users are free to read the site without accepting the use of cookies, if they wish to avoid the gathering of data by means of them.