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Yvonne BeauvaisI received this morning the most touching request to pray for little Gavin Glynn, who has been fighting cancer for the last 2.5 years. Gavin will be 4 years old in May.  My first thought was to interest Mother Yvonne–Aimée in Gavin, and to seek her intercession for his healing. Mother Yvonne–Aimée loved children. Surely, from her place in heaven where she remains a hospitaller full of compassion, she will present Gavin’s suffering to the King of Love.

Prayer to Mother Yvonne–Aimée de Jésus

Yvonne–Aimée, while yet a child
you gave your heart to Jesus,
asking Him to make you a saint, a very great saint.
Jesus looked upon you with a most tender love,
and you loved him in return
with an extraordinary love.
You sought to please Jesus in all things,
even to the point of embracing His Cross
and entering into the bitterness of His Passion.
The King of Love made you the hospitaller of His mercy,
and gave you a mother’s heart, open to the sufferings of all.
He graced you with His own tenderness for souls,
and sent you often among the poor, among the sick,
and among souls in the grip of evil.
There is no human suffering to which you are not sensitive,
and no affliction of body, mind, or spirit
that does not send you swiftly to the King of Love
to appeal to Him on our behalf,
and to obtain from His Heart
graces of mercy and of healing
that surpass what we dare ask.
Mother Yvonne–Aimée,
come close now to little Gavin Glynn in his suffering.
Take to heart what you see
and, by your intercession with Jesus, King of Love,
obtain for His glory and for the joy of the Church on earth,
the healing we now ask of His merciful goodness.

O Jesus, King of Love, I trust in Thy merciful goodness.
O Jesus, King of Love, I trust in Thy merciful goodness.
O Jesus, King of Love, I trust in Thy merciful goodness.

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