In Anniversario Propriae Ordinationis

H.%20Mass%203280.jpgExceptionally, on the occasion of the anniversary of his ordination, the Church allows a priest to pray at Holy Mass a set of orations in the first person singular. Whereas on all other days the priest says, we, us, and our, on this one day of the year he says, I, me, and my.

While some would sniff at the orations for the anniversary of ordination as being late medieval compositions, the Church has seen fit to retain them in the latest edition of the Roman Missal, the editio typica tertia of 2002. I, for one, find them humbling and comforting. I used them today. Here they are:

Holy Father, who through no merits of my own,
chose me for communion in the eternal priesthood of your Christ,
and for the service of your Church,
grant that, living as an energetic and gentle preacher of the Gospel,
I may be found a faithful dispenser of your mysteries.
Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
God, forever and ever.

Prayer Over the Offerings
Lord, we offer you this sacrifice of praise
for the increase of our service,
that you will complete with your mercy
that which you have bestowed without my deserving.
Through Christ our Lord.

Lord, reliving the annual festival of the beginning of my priesthood,
I have joyfully celebrated the mystery of faith for the glory of your name,
that I may become in truth
that which, in a mystical way,
I have touched and handled in this sacrifice.
Through Christ our Lord.