A Sacerdotal Pentecost

S%20Giovanni%20Pentecoste.jpgFrom The Journal of A Priest

A priest shares what was given him in prayer concerning a sacerdotal Pentecost, a revival of priestly holiness in the Church. I translated the text from the original French. The image shows Saint John the Apostle on Pentecost.

Aujourd’hui, je crois que c’était pendant les mystères glorieux du rosaire, le Seigneur m’a parlé dune Pentecôte sacerdotale, d’une grâce obtenue par l’intercession de la Vierge Marie pour tous les prêtres de l’Église. À tous sera offerte la grâce d’une nouvelle effusion de l’Esprit Saint pour purifier le sacerdoce des impuretés qui l’ont défiguré et pour redonner au sacerdoce un éclat de sainteté tel qu’il n’a jamais eu dans Église depuis le temps des apôtres.

“Today, I think it was during the glorious mysteries of the rosary, the Lord spoke to me of a sacerdotal Pentecost, of a grace obtained by the intercession of the Virgin Mary for all the priests of the Church. To all [priests] will be offered the grace of a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit to purify the priesthood of the impurities that have


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Saint Mariam of Jesus Crucified

Blessed_Mariam_Baouardy_2La Petite Arabe
The message of the “Little Arab,” Mariam Baouardy, Saint Mary of Jesus Crucified, canonised yesterday in Rome, cannot but touch our hearts during this novena in preparation for Pentecost. Mariam was born in Abbelin, a village of Galilee, on January 5th, 1846. She was plunged into the water of Holy Baptism and chrismated in the Melkite Greek Catholic Church fifteen days after her birth. After an astonishingly adventurous life that took her from Alexandria in Egypt to Marseilles and then Pau in France, and then to Mangalore, India, she was instrumental in founding the Carmel of Bethlehem in the Holy Land where she died on August 26th, 1878.

Saint Mary of Jesus Crucified illustrates the fundamental principle of holiness according to the Gospel: “Whoever humbles himself will be exalted” (Mt 23:12). In Carmel she was a “sister of the white veil,” that is a religious charged with the monastery’s menial tasks and not bound to the Divine Office in choir. She was often “lifted up by the Spirit” (Ez 43:5) even literally, and shown the glory of the Lord. Though illiterate and ignorant of every


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Silverstream Priory in Stamullen, County Meath, Ireland is a house of monks living under the Rule of Saint Benedict. Each Benedictine monastery is an autonomous family characterised by a unique spirit. Under the patronage of Our Lady of the Cenacle, the monks of Silverstream Priory devote themselves to the worthy celebration of the Opus Dei in its age–old traditional forms and to perpetual adoration of the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar in a spirit of reparation. Their life of praise and adoration is marked by a heartfelt solicitude for the sanctification of priests. Without leaving the enclosure of the monastery the monks undertake various works compatible with their vocation, notably hospitality to the clergy in need of a spiritual respite, and the operation of an excellent Catholic book shop located in the gatehouse of the priory.

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