The Pentecost Novena

We began the Solemn Pentecost Novena this morning at the Monastery of the Glorious Cross by singing the Veni, Creator Spiritus at the end of Holy Mass. Today, being the First Friday of the month, was also a day of Eucharistic adoration.
The day was made even more special by eight year old Marcelo’s First Confession. After the Gospel Marcelo donned the white garment recalling his Baptism, and received a lighted candle. Marcelo participates in the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, a Montessori inspired preparation for the sacraments, at Saint Mary’s Church in New Haven, Connecticut. Marcelo will be receiving his First Holy Communion on Sunday.

Creator Spirit! Pow’r Divine!
Come! visit all the souls of thine;
With Heav’n-descending grace pervade
The breasts which Thou Thyself hast made.
Thou who art named the Paraclete!
Rich gift from God’s own mercy seat!
O Fount of Life, and Fire of Love!
Soul cleansing Unction from above!
Thou in thy Sevenfold Glories bright!
Thou Finger of God’s Hand of Might!
Who dost o’er lips the timely store
Of speech, the Father’s promise pour!
Thy light to every sense impart;
Diffuse thy love through every heart;
The weakness of our mortal flesh
With thy unfailing strength refresh.
Drive far away th’assailing foe,
And all thy holy peace bestow;
So thou be our preventing Guide,
No mischief can our steps betide.
Through Thee may we the Father learn,
And know the Ever-Blessed Son;
Sweet Spirit! so of Both receive,
Thee! as we evermore believe.
Praise to the Father, as is meet,
The Son and Holy Paraclete!
So may the Son to every heart,
The Holy Spirit’s grace impart. Amen.