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A Must Read: The Face of God

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Readers of Vultus Christi will want to read The Face of God by journalist, historian and author Paul Badde. The author traces the fascinating history of one of the greatest and most hidden sacred relics of the Church: the Holy Face of Manoppello.

I first learned of Manoppello from my cousin Nunzio Onoratelli while visiting him and his wife Stefania at their home in Anzio, Italy. In 2007 I was privileged to make a pilgrimage to Manoppello in the company of good friends, Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The book is available from Ignatius Press. Here is what Ignatius Press says about it:

The Holy Face Rediscovered

Best-selling journalist, historian and author Paul Badde embarks on an exciting quest to discover the truth behind the Holy Face of Manoppello, a relic recently rediscovered and rumored to be the "veil of Veronica".

An Image on Sea Silk

Vatican correspondent for German newspaper Die Welt, journalist Paul Badde was intrigued when he heard of a mysterious image in a remote Italian village--an image of a man's face on byssus cloth. Byssus, or sea silk, is a rare and delicate fabric woven from a silky filament produced by mollusks. It is claimed that the fabric is so thin and delicate that it is impossible to paint on--yet the image in Manoppello is clearly visible and, moreover, when laid over the image of the face on the Shroud of Turin forms a perfect match.

Not Veronica's Veil

Experts determined that the cloth of Manoppello is not Veronica's veil, but rather the face cloth layed over the face of Jesus in the tomb. Unlike the Shroud of Turin, which is a "negative" of the image, the image on the face cloth is a "positive" of the face of Christ.

Pope Benedict XVI Pilgrim to Manoppello

Paul Badde takes the reader along on a thrilling journey of discovery as he travels to research this remarkable relic, tracing the turbulent history of the Holy Face from ancient times up to the historic 2006 visit to Manoppello by Pope Benedict XVI. Illustrated with 16 pages of color photos.

Paul Badde

Paul Badde, born in 1948, is a best-selling author and renowned journalist and historian. Since 2000 he has been an editor of the German newspaper Die Welt, first as the Jerusalem correspondent and now as the Vatican correspondent in Rome. He is also the author of Maria of Guadalupe: Shaper of History, Shaper of Hearts; Jerusalem, Jerusalem and The Heavenly City.

Michael O'Brien, Author of Father Elijah, says:

Paul Badde has applied his keen journalistic eye and energetic writing style to one of the most fascinating phenomena of our times, the rediscovery of a marvel and a grace for an unbelieving age. The story of the Face of Christ in the mysterious image of Manoppello is an enthralling work, the fruit of painstaking research and scholarship. It reads like a detective story, an archaeologist's journal, and an adventure tale that is - most thrilling of all - no mere fiction. The Face of Manoppello may well prove to be of equal importance with the Shroud of Turin.

Philosopher Peter Kreeft, Ph.D. says:

The Face of God is an exciting, incredible detective story spanning twenty centuries. The suspect is nothing less than the greatest art treasure in the universe, but not made by human hands: the literal face of Jesus Christ. The Manoppello cloth is a standing miracle, equal to the Shroud of Turin and the tilma of Guadalupe, and equally open to scientific investigation and unrefuted by it. If I were an atheist, I would not be able to sleep until I had exposed everything in this book as a scam.

For more information, visit The Face of God website by clicking here

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