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Letter to a Novice Oblate X

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On the Call to Perpetual Adoration

My dear sons and daughters,

I think that you will find the following page from In Sinu Iesu, The Journal of a Priest, helpful. I know how much each one of you long to spend time with Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, and I know that this desire of yours often appears to conflict with your duties at home, in the family, and at work. In the words below, Our Lord assures us that in order to adore Him perpetually it is not necessary to be, at every minute, kneeling before the altar. The essence of perpetual adoration is perpetual adhesion to the Will of God in the real circumstances of your life, and this, as an expression of love.

Cling to the Will of God

Even here in the monastery it is not possible to dedicate to actual adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament all the time that I would want to give to it. We are, in reality, living in a construction site. There are a hundred different things soliciting my attention and clamouring for my presence. I take comfort in knowing that my desire to adore Our Lord is as good as the act of abiding before His Real Presence, provided that I am clinging to His Will, and in all things, trying to respond to His Love with love.

To Adore Is to Adhere

Mother Mectilde de Bar used to say that to adore always is to adhere always to the Will of the Father. This, my dear Novice Oblates, can be done anywhere: in the kitchen, on the ranch, in the laundry, or in the classroom. There is no place that cannot become a sanctuary of perpetual adoration, provided that we remain united by faith, hope, and love to the Most Holy Trinity present in the secret of our souls.

With my loving blessing,
Father Prior


You are always in My presence,
and when your heart is directed towards My Heart,
there is no distance between us.
My Sacramental Presence, though unique, substantial, and real,
is not the only form of My presence.
It is not possible for you to remain at every moment of the day
close to me in the Sacrament of My Love and before my altar,
but it is possible for you to adore Me at every moment
in the inner sanctuary of your soul
where I am also present
together with My Father and with the Holy Spirit.

Adhere to My will at every moment,
and you will be adoring Me at every moment.
I understand the complexities and circumstances of your life.
Be with Me by desiring to be with Me.
The desire never to leave My Sacramental Presence is,
in effect, as precious in my sight
as if you were physically before Me,
adoring Me, loving Me, listening to Me, speaking to Me.

Learn . . . how to adore Me perpetually
without forsaking the things that require your attention.
I am present intimately and in the secret sanctuary of the soul
to all who desire to be with Me,
to all who seek My Face
and all who desire to rest upon My Heart.

Give me your inability to carry out all that you propose to do,
and I will receive your incapacity
and change it, by My love,
into an offering more pleasing than the successful accomplishment
of what you propose to do.

Trust Me with your weaknesses.
Give Me your inability to do even what I have inspired you to do.
Your poverty, your infirmity, even your inconstancy
is no obstacle to My work in your soul,
provided that you abandon all to Me
with complete confidence in My merciful love.

Do what you can do reasonably,
and what you cannot do, give Me as well.
I am pleased with the offering of the one
as much as I am pleased by the offering of the other.

Let these words comfort you.
Know that I am not a taskmaster, but a friend,
and the most loving and welcoming of friends.
What friend would greet the one he loves with a reproach
rather than with a tender welcome.

Yes, I have called you to a life of adoration and of reparation,
but I call you also to humility,
to the little way of spiritual childhood,
and to a boundless trust in My mercy.
Adore Me, then, in the Sacrament of My Love as much as you can,
and when you are unable to do this,
adore Me in the meeting place with Me
that is your infirmity, your weakness, and the needs of the present moment.

To love Me is to adore Me,
and to adore Me is to love Me.
Love Me at every moment and you will adore Me at every moment.
Adore Me ceaselessly in the sanctuary of your soul
and know that your adoration there glorifies Me in the Sacrament of My Love
and in the glory of heaven,
where, one day, I will unite Myself to you forever.

From In Sinu Iesu, The Journal of a Priest

About Dom Mark

Dom Mark Daniel Kirby is Conventual Prior of Silverstream Priory in Stamullen, County Meath, Ireland. The ecclesial mandate of his Benedictine community is the adoration of the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar in a spirit of reparation, and in intercession for the sanctification of priests.

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