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[A note from our system administrator, Richard Chonak, who writes at the Catholic Light blog.]

Dear Vultus Christi readers,

If you post a comment on this blog and the "username" looks like a random string of Alpha-Bits:


... there is a way to fix it.

If you log on to this site using your Yahoo username and password, the Yahoo system sends that "OpenID identifier" as your "name". They generate that identifier with a long random string for privacy reasons.

But you can tell Yahoo to use a shorter and more readable identifier. For example, my account has an identifier


To add additional OpenID identifiers to your Yahoo account, follow these steps:

  1. Log in at http://openid.yahoo.com with your username and password. It will take you to a page and display your existing OpenID identifier.
  2. Underneath that string, click on the "Customization Options" link. That will open a form where you can request an additional identifier.

After you have created the new identifier, you can test it:

  1. Sign out of this page using the "sign out" link below.

  2. Then come back to this page and try posting a comment. When you log in as a Yahoo user, you will be able to choose which identifier is to be transmitted back to our blog web server (mt.stblogs.org).

I'll add more information to this page for Google users when I find the right procedure for them.

Thanks for trying out these procedures!



Richard, I would like to add Vultus Christi to my Google Reader, but can only find the rss for the podcast....can you help me figure this out? Thanks, Charlotte

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