The rosary obtains all things

The rosary obtains all things from the Immaculate Heart of My Mother and from My own Heart. The rosary vanquishes evil, uproots sin, reveals what is hidden from the learned and the clever, and puts darkness to flight. The rosary is a powerful weapon in the hands of the little and the poor, and Satan trembles when he sees the rosary in the hands even of a small child. The rosary is the preferred prayer of My Mother’s Immaculate Heart. When a soul begins to pray the rosary, My Mother is given immense power over that soul’s destiny. The rosary opens a soul to the force of My merciful love and can be the beginning of healing, deliverance, and transformation into Me. This is a secret that the world, and those who think according to the world, are unable to grasp. It is a secret because it is hidden from the prideful and self–sufficient and made known only to little souls who adore Me out of the depths of their poverty and the powerlessness of their infirmity. The rosary will open for you streams of grace, living water, promises that will not fail. Return to My Mother’s rosary and wait for the manifestation of My power . . . for even in this I shall manifest My glory and cause My grace to triumph.


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