Exivi a Patre et vado ad Patrem

I am ascended to My Father,
but I remain present to My Church.
The same desire that caused Me to return to the Father
with an inexpressible joy
causes Me to remain present to My Church
with an inexpressible love.

When I said, “I go to My Father”,
I did not mean by that, “I abandon My Church”,
for the Church is My Spouse
and with her I am one Body,
and I am the Head of My Church.

My own Spirit animates the Church in all her members,
so that I live in My Church,
and My Church lives united to Me.
My presence to the Father is not an absence from My Church.
I am present in the adorable mysteries of My Body and Blood,
just as I am present, Body and Blood, in the glory of the Father,
in the hidden sanctuary of heaven,
where I serve as High Priest
and offer Myself ceaselessly as a spotless Victim of propitiation.

What I do in heaven, I do ceaselessly on earth.
Every tabernacle where I am present in the Sacrament of My Body and Blood
is an image of the heavenly tabernacle into which I have ascended,
and in which I offer Myself to the Father in a sacrifice that is unending.
My life in so many earthly tabernacles is the very life that is Mine
in the glorious tabernacle of heaven,
in the Holy of Holies where I carry out My priestly service of the Father
by offering Myself to Him as a glorious Victim,
as the pure Victim, the holy Victim, the spotless Victim
by whom earth is reconciled to heaven, and heaven to earth;
by whom the Father’s perfect plan is brought to completion;
and by whom the Kingdom of God is established forever.

Come to Me in the Sacrament of My Love,
and enter there into the mystery of My oblation.
I am not inactive nor am I present
after the manner of a thing that has in itself no life, no movement, no breath.
I am present in all the glory of My humanity
and in all the power of My divinity;
just as I am present in heaven,
so am I present in the tabernacles of My Church on earth.

In heaven My glory is the bliss of all My saints;
on earth that same glory is veiled in the Most Holy Sacrament
to be the bliss of my saints here below.
My sacramental joy is the unfailing joy of the saints on earth.
If there is, at times, so little evidence of joy among My people on earth
it is because they ignore My real presence
and fail to seek Me out where I am to be found:
in the Sacrament where I wait for sinners;
to love them, to forgive them, to heal them,
to hold conversation with them,
and to nourish them even with My very self.

Priests of mine, priests who serve with Me in the sanctuaries of My Church on earth,
even as the angels serve with Me in the sanctuary of heaven,
priests who represent Me on earth,
even as I present Myself before My Father in heaven,
make known the mystery of My presence!
Call the faithful to My tabernacles!
Tell them that I await them there;
that I am no absent God and that, even in the mystery of My Ascension,
I remain bodily present, though hidden beneath the sacramental veils,
to all who seek My Eucharistic Face.

Why are My churches empty?
Why am I forsaken in the Sacrament of My Love?
Why have men rendered vain the intentions of My Heart
when, in the Cenacle, I instituted the sacrament of My abiding presence in My Church?
Is My present not to benefit those for whom I instituted so great a mystery of love?
Am I to be rejected and forsaken in the sacrament of My divine friendship for souls?
Have my priests altogether forgotten that they are raised to configuration with Me
in order to effect My sacramental presence,
to offer Me to the Father in the perfect sacrifice of My death on the Cross,
and to nourish the souls of the faithful with My own Body and Blood?
Why are My priests so cold towards Me in the Sacrament of My Love?
Why do My priests remain far from My altars?
The priest is for the altar, and the altar is for the priest.
It is the Evil One, the enemy of My Church on earth, who has driven a wedge
between too many of My priests and the altars at which they are united to Me
in a holy victimhood, in a perfect oblation.
Let nothing come between My priests and their altars,
just as nothing came between Me and the wood of My Cross,
the altar of My bloody sacrifice on Calvary.

Let the hearts of My priests be turned, at every moment, to the altar
where they are to offer themselves in sacrifice with Me to the Father,
where I am present,
and where I wait, silent and humble, for their companionship,
for their adoration, and for their grateful love.

If the reality of heaven has become vague
and far from the thoughts of so many in My Church,
it is because they have forsaken the very mystery of heaven
already present and given them
in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar.
The Eucharist is heaven on earth;
the Eucharist is My Church on earth already assumed into heaven.
Heaven is wheresoever the words of consecration have been pronounced
over the bread and wine in the holy oblation,
for there I am present even as I am present, in the glory of My Ascension,
adored by the angels, praised by all the saints,
held in the divine gaze of My Father,
and burning with the fire of the Holy Spirit.
Amen. Amen.
Believe this and you will find heaven on earth,
while waiting and hoping to see My Face in glory.

(From In Sinu Iesu, The Journal of a Priest)

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