All our discontent comes from self–will

Mother Mectilde’s letters of direction to the Countess de Châteauvieux are being translated by an Oblate of Silverstream Priory. We look forward eagerly to their publication. In the meantime, here is a remarkable passage from this correspondence:

What troubles you oftentimes, is the desire you have to be perfect. You would wish not to fall, because it seems to you that so many miseries are holding you back. Have patience until Our Lord  has purified you and, while waiting, stay humble under the weight of your imperfections. One must even be resigned to remaining imperfect one’s whole life. You are making the highest perfection consist in the practice of a few virtues. These are all good and necessary, but the achievement of true perfection consists in the total loss of our will in the divine will, in such wise that a soul is more or less imperfect to the degree that she is more or less in submission to God’s good pleasure and united to it. A soul who wants what God wants is happy. All our discontent comes from self–will and from the secret attachments that we have to our own inclinations.