Te igitur clementissime Pater

pale4.jpgAllow me to live my sonship in you. Allow me, in you, to be the Father’s beloved Son, the Son in whom He takes delight. You allow Me to live my sonship in you when you believe in me and when you open yourself humbly and confidently to the Gift of the Holy Spirit. You allow me to live my sonship in you when you love me and when your single great desire is to be united to me, and to participate in all the sentiments and dispositions of my Filial Heart. These are communicated to you by the Holy Spirit, for it is the work of the Holy Spirit to perfect the filial spirit in souls by uniting them to me.

Too often my Father is forgotten. He is acknowledged as God, but His Fatherhood remains unknown,and it was to reveal His Fatherhood that I came into the world. I prayed to Him, saying “Father”so that souls in every age until the end of time might learn from me how to address the living God with the confidence and tender affection of sons.

Learn to trust in my Father, for to trust in Him is to believe in His love for you. To trust in Him is to walk in imitation of me. To trust in Him is to obey the inspiration of the Holy Spirit who schools souls, not in a servile fear, nor in a heartless execution of rites, but in a filial abandonment to the Father’s love. Nothing delights the Heart of the Father more than the abandonment to Him of a soul who believes in His love and trusts Him with all things great and small.

My Father is unknown even now, after two thousand years,and because He is unknown, souls continue to live in fear, in bondage, and in darkness. Yes, a soul that has not learned to call God “Father” is still in darkness and in the shadow of death. Such a soul suffers the cold chill of alienation from my Father’s Heart.

Much of the suffering and scandal that wounds and disfigures my priests could have been avoided had they been taught in their formative years how immense a grace it is to live as sons cherished by my Father at every moment. My desire is that every priest of mine should pass entirely into the grace of Divine Filiation; should pray to the Father as I prayed to Him during my earthly life; and should rest secure and joyful in my Father’s tender love, never despairing of His mercy.

The grace to address my Father as “Father” is conferred in Baptism, but it is wonderfully perfected in ordination to my priesthood. In a very real sense, a man is ordained a priest to stand at the altar and pronounce that most sacred name: “Father”. So long as there are priests to stand at my altars and to say “Father”, there will be a remedy for the bitterness that so poisons the world We created.

The name of “Father” pronounced by my priests at the altar introduces a divine sweetness into the harshness and bitterness that so mark your life in this vale of tears. When, standing at the altar, a priest says “Father”, it is the beginning of a new creation, it is the restoration to sonhood of souls held in the bondage of slavery and fear. It is the opening of the Kingdom upon earth. It causes immense joy among the angels in heaven.

Be conscious of this when, vested in the sacred adornments of my priesthood, you stand at the altar and say that one word that makes all else possible: “Father”. “Father” on the lips of a priest is “Father” on my lips. The Father hears and receives the filial utterances of His priests calling Him by the Name that glorifies Him above all other names, — because it is the Name by which I address Him — with an ineffable joy, with a divine delight that causes jubilation among the Angels and exultation among all my saints.
(From In Sinu Iesu, The Journal of A Priest)

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