The first step is abandonment

We must live the new life of Jesus Christ, a life of grace, a life of faith, which separates us from a life in our fallen nature that is completely contrary to the life of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

The first step is abandonment. This is done by the complete resignation of oneself, relinquishing oneself entirely to the power and virtue of Jesus Christ, sacrificing oneself to all the eternal designs of God, and resolving to live henceforth in the pure and holy abandonment which gives the soul entirely to Jesus Christ. Take note, therefore, my sisters, as the first step, that you leave yourself and your own habits in order to enter into Jesus Christ and live only for Him. Therefore, you are no longer your own (1 Cor 6:19), you have no rights over yourself and anything that you do for yourself is stolen from Our Lord Jesus Christ.

You must remain totally available to the divine disposition for time and for eternity, without caring about your own interests, rather abiding only in faith under the divine guidance of God, with a confidence full of love, walking at all times the road holy Providence gives you, having as your complete distinct disposition only a simple and humble submission to the good pleasure of God, a simple acquiescence to His adorable ways, finding good whatever He does with you since all His work pleases Him. You must do this without examining either yourself, or what you are, or what you are becoming, but content in your simple and loving abandonment, delighting only in the fact that God is in you —delighting that He be as it pleases Him, doing His work and tearing down yours, killing your self-love, and giving you matter for suffering and sacrifice.

Happy and a thousand times happy is the soul that loves God for God alone and loves Him more than her own life! My sisters, loving Him more than your own life means loving Him above your senses, loving without self-interest, loving His guidance and His ways, which bring us to ennothingment. In a word, loving Him for Himself means losing oneself in His good pleasure. Let us love Him this way, and some day we will taste His divine sweetness, for after we have been purified as gold in the crucible, He will make us worthy to be perfected in His love, but we must suffer extraordinarily before the enjoyment of this grace.

From The True Spirit
Translated by an Oblate of Silverstream Priory