Confraternity of Jesus, King of Love

The Confraternity of Jesus, King of Love has grown exponentially since its inauguration five years ago. We are moved by the number of men, women, and children

from all over the world who have committed themselves to praying the little invocation, given by Our Lord to Mother Yvonne–Aimée, that has obtained abundant graces for so many souls: O Jesus, King of Love, I trust in Thy merciful goodness. Brother Cassian has taken over the secretariat of the Confraternity. Brother Cassian has much to do apart from the work of the Confraternity, but he does his best to respond the queries that come to us from all over the world.

Our Gatehouse bookshop carries a 40 page biography of Mother Yvonne–Aimée in English, with lavish full–colour photographs. The booklet, entitled A Life for Jesus, from Yvonne Beauvais to Mother Yvonne–Aimée de Malestroit is now available from Silverstream Priory. Brother Cassian will happily post the new biography to you for €15 ($17). You may order by writing (we prefer good old–fashioned post to email) to:

Brother Cassian Maria
Confraternity of Jesus King of Love
Silverstream Priory
County Meath