Every moment of your life: a preparation for Holy Mass

H. Mass 3280Your whole life has been a preparation for this present moment. All that you have experienced, all that you have suffered, all that you have learned, all that you have done or left undone, even all of your sins constitute a preparation for this present moment.

There is nothing in your life that I have not willed or permitted in order to bring you to this moment. So often as you go to the altar to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, you bring with you all that you are in that moment, and all that you have been, and said, and done until that moment.

Every moment of your life is a preparation for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, just as every moment of my life was a preparation for, and a slow ascent to the Sacrifice of the Cross. Understand this and you will see that nothing in your life is foreign to my plan for you, that everything you have done, and that every place you have ever been, and that every person with whom you have been or are connected, is part of my design for your life.

All of your life moves towards the altar just as all of my life moved towards the Cross. Even the things you have suffered are part of my preparation of your priesthood, part of the things by which I fit you to stand in my place as victim and priest.

When you bring to your Mass all that you have experienced — your whole life story — you allow me to redeem those things that are most dark, bitter, and painful by taking them into the mystery of my sacrifice.

Come to the altar with your wounds and scars. Give them to me and I shall unite them to my own sufferings and so make them shine in my sight. Come to the altar with your sins, even with those of which you are most ashamed, and I shall show you that I have already taken them upon myself and expiated them in my Blood. Come to the altar with every troubled and broken relationship of your past, with every betrayal, every failure, and every falling away from holiness, and I shall cast all these things into the ocean of my mercy never again to be recovered, or named, or used by the Accuser against you.

Live for the next Holy Mass you will offer, for the next Holy Mass that I will offer in you, my priest and victim: the priest and victim in whom and through whom I renew my sacrifice in an unbloody manner and, again, give my Body and Blood to my Spouse, the Church.

Never doubt that every moment of you life is, and has been, and always will be a preparation for the next Holy Mass you will offer. You are my priest for this: to make the mystery of my sacrifice present again, and to stand in my place as the visible representative of my priesthood and my victimhood in the Church.

(From In Sinu Iesu, The Journal of a Priest)


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