Palm Sunday at Silverstream

We are grateful to our friends Andreij and Izabela for these photos. Isabel and Joseph Steele wait patiently outside our future priory church for the blessing of palms and procession. We look forward to the day when it will be possible to use the priory church. At the moment, all depends on the progress of our fundraising. Once the property of Silverstream has been purchased, we will be able to look toward the restoration and renovation of the priory church. It was built in 1952.
Standing inside the vestibule of our future priory church, Father Prior, assisted by Brother Elijah, blesses the psalms. Many children were present, even as they were at our Lord’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem.
Father Prior, assisted by Brother Elijah, distributes the blessed branches to our guests. Dr and Mrs James Lackey, of San Antonio Texas, are seen receiving their blessed branches.
Palm Sunday guests came from County Meath, from Belfast, Poland, France, and Texas.
Brother Finnian Joseph carries the cross. The procession is passing the future sacristy on the left, and approaching the main priory building. In the foreground is little Robert Steele.
The procession continues.
Arrival in the sanctuary of the temporary Oratory.




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