Seven Years Ago

Bella Madonna
Dublin En Route to Rome

Seven years ago today, on the feast of the Holy Name of Jesus, a dear friend of mine and I were preparing to fly Aer Lingus from New York to Rome with a layover in Dublin. During the layover in Dublin, my friend and I crossed the road to the church next to airport.  I requested permission to offer Holy Mass there. The sacristan was very kind and accommodating. Just before beginning Holy Mass, while standing at the foot of the altar, I remember offering silently a prayer that seemed to rise out of the depths of my heart: “Lord, allow me someday to do something for the Church in Ireland.” Seven years later I find myself living in Ireland the contemplative monastic life that, at the time, I thought I was destined to live in Rome. I can only marvel at the mysterious ways by which the Providence of God has led me.

The Risk of Praying from the Heart

It is a risky thing to utter the prayers that rise in one’s heart.  More often than not, God hears them and answers them in strange and wonderful ways. Certain little prayers, offered from the heart, can have major consequences in one’s life.

Ceaseless Prayer of the Heart

Long before that day in Dublin and ever since then, I have held in my heart the sweet and powerful invocation of the glorious Irish and English Martyrs: Iesu, Iesu, Iesu, esto mihi Iesus. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, be to me a Jesus.

O God, who in the Holy Name of Jesus
hast given us a light in every darkness,
food for every hunger,
and medicine for every affliction;
mercifully grant that we may find
no name more agreeable in the singing,
more welcome in the hearing,
and more comforting in thought
than the most sweet Name
of Thine Only-Begotten Son,
Jesus Christ who is Lord forever and ever.

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