Place your hand over your heart

Hals, hand over heart

Here, dear readers, is the second part of Mother Mectilde’s Epiphany conference of 1694.

Interior Adoration

To adore continually it is not necessary to say, “My God, I adore Thee.” It is enough to tend inwardly to God [who is] present, to maintain a profound respect out of reverence for His greatness, believing that He is in us as He truly is. In fact, the Most Holy Trinity dwells in us: the Father acts and operates there with His power, the Son with His wisdom, and the Holy Spirit with His goodness. It is, therefore, in the intimacy of your soul, where the God of majesty abides, that you must adore Him continually.

Think of Me and I Shall Think of Thee

From time to time, place your hand over your heart, saying to yourself: “God is in me. And He is there not only to sustain my physical life, as in irrational creatures, but He is there acting and operating, to raise me to the highest perfection, if I do not put obstacles in the way of His grace.”

Imagine that He says to you interiorly: “I am always in thee: abide thou in me, think of Me and I shall think of thee, and I will take care of all the rest. Be wholly at my disposal, even as I am at thine; live not apart from Me. As Scripture says, “He who eats of Me will live by Me; He will abide in Me, and I in him” (cf. John 6:58 and 6:57).

Happy are those who understand these words and who adore in spirit and in truth the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit!  If you wish that we return to the mystery of the Epiphany, happy too are those who adore the Child Jesus in His sacred birth, together with the holy Magi.

The Herod Within

These holy Kings followed, then, the star that was guiding them to so in search of Jesus to adore Him. They go to Jerusalem where Herod was. He, having learned of their design, feigned that he wanted to adore Him, but this was only to take His life and do away with Him.

This, dear ones, is what befalls us every day inwardly. Our self–love is that Herod who looks only to his own interests and not to those of Jesus Christ. Often he feigns wanting to adore Him but, at bottom, He is bent only on destroying His reign and on suffocating the movements of His grace, pushing us at every turn to cling to our passions and to satisfy our senses.

True and Perpetual Adorers

We  could continue to consider in the same way all that follows in this mystery, but this would take us too far afield; we would need two hours to speak to you of this, and we haven’t the time. I shall, therefore, stop here, to turn back to telling you that you must be, by your profession and vocation, true and perpetual adorers of Jesus Christ. You must apply yourselves to this, and to this employ your zeal. Your most ardent desire must be that of carrying out perfectly this work of adorers.

Follow the Light of Faith

One or another of you may say to me, “I do not quite feel this great zeal. In no way do I have the feeling of this ardent love that compels me to adore Jesus Christ in the way that you have explained.” That doesn’t matter; it is enough to act by faith, offering Jesus Christ your reverence and your homage. Feelings and consolations are not really necessary; on the contrary, your adoration will be purer and more perfect because the soul who has a living faith and not a sentimental one will rise more purely to God, drawn on,  apart from the human senses, to what God is in Himself, in His greatness, holiness, and excellence. Do not then tarry over what your senses allow you to feel and relish; dwell, rather, on that to which faith obliges you, and on what faith makes you believe.  Follow this faith, which is light to illumine you and bring you to the knowledge of this God who, with an infinite love, has called you to adore Him ceaselessly.

To be continued.


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