The Diaconal Ordination of Dom Benedict Maria Andersen

Living Tradition is displayed before the eyes of the faithful as His Lordship presents Dom Andersen with the Book of the holy Gospels

On Wednesday, 13 November, Dom Benedict Maria Andersen was mystically configured to Christ the Servant (Διακονος, “Deacon”) of the Father at the hands of His Lordship Michael Smith, Bishop of Meath. The Ordination of Dom Andersen was witnessed by his Father Prior, his brothers in the community, the clergy of the Diocese of Meath, and numerous friends of the Priory.

The beautiful Ordination Liturgy (celebrated in Latin according to the modern Pontifical) took place at St Mary’s Church, Drogheda on the Feast of All Saints of the Benedictine Order.  I concelebrated Holy Mass in the Ordinary Form with His Lordship and with Fr John Hogan, one of the stalwart friends of our monastery.  The music (including Palestrina’s Missa Brevis) was rendered with great beauty and skill by the Lassus Scholars of Dublin, under the direction of Ite O’Donovan.  A festive reception was held following the Ordination Mass at Silverstream Priory.

Dom Benedict wishes to express his thanks, from the bottom of his heart, to all who helped make the occasion such a glorious event: to His Lordship for his graciousness and especially for his touching homily; to Frs. Michael Cahill and Stephen Kelly, who acted as Masters of Ceremonies; to all those who served, namely Brs. Patrick and David OP and the Meath seminarians at Maynooth; to all who attended the event, both clergy and layfolk, and especially to those who offered generous gifts to the monastery in Dom Benedict’s honour; to all those who worked so hard organizing the reception; and a special word of thanks to M.D. who provided the funds necessary to print attractive, full colour booklets containing the texts of the service in parallel Latin and English.

His Lordship, Bishop Michael Smith of Meath, addresses the candidate for diaconal ordination, as Fr Prior, Dom Kirby, listens


His Lordship instructs the candidate concerning the duties and character of a Deacon






Father Prior, Dom Kirby, places the diaconal stole on the shoulders of the new Deacon


Fr John Hogan and Dom Kirby vest Dom Andersen in the dalmatic (symbol of Christ's oblation to God the Father)


The new Deacon, Dom Andersen, assists the Bishop at the Offertory


"Ite Missa Est": The Bishop, the Concelebrants, the new Deacon, and the Clergy assisting in choir, leave the sanctuary after the conclusion of Holy Mass


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