I offer Thee this Thursday . . .

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Lord Jesus Christ,
moved by the Holy Spirit,
and full of confidence in the help
of Thy Most Holy Mother,
I offer Thee this Thursday,
and every Thursday for the rest of my life,
in thanksgiving for the Sacrament
of Thy Most Holy Body and Blood,
and in adoration and reparation
for all the priests of Thy Church,
especially for those who do not adore Thee,
for those who are wounded in their souls,
and for those who are exposed to the attacks of the powers of darkness.
For them and in their place,
allow me to abide before Thy Eucharistic Face.
In their name, let me draw near to Thy open Heart,
ever-flowing with the Blood and the Water
that purify, heal, and sanctify all souls,
but, first of all, those of Thy priests.
Eternal High Priest,
Make me an entirely Eucharistic soul,
according to the desires of Thy Sacred Heart
and the designs of Thy merciful goodness
upon my life.
I desire only to love Thee more each day,
and to be, by Thy grace,
the faithful adorer of Thy Eucharistic Face
and the consoling friend of Thy Sacred Heart
hidden in the tabernacles of the world,
where it beats, wounded by love, forgotten, forsaken,
and waiting for the adoration and for the love of even one priest. Amen.

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