Ex More Docti Mystico

Vigils or Office of Readings I
Now, with the slow revolving year,
Again the sacred Fast we greet;
Which in its mystic circle moves
In Forty Days to be complete.
That Fast by Law and Prophet taught,
A sacred sign by Christ restored;
He is, of seasons and of times,
The fullness and the timeless Lord.
Henceforth more sparing let us be,
of food and drink, of words and sleep;
And let us by a closer guard
Our roving senses cloistered keep.
Quick! Let us shun whatever things
Distract the careless eye and heart;
And let us shut our minds against
The tyrant tempter’s lying art.
Blest Trinity in Unity!
Uphold our weakness in your love,
That we to death may die with Christ
and rise with Christ to life above. Amen.


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