The Trip

My brother Terence, his wife Sandy, and their two children Michael Colin (3 years old) and Mary Elizabeth (20 months) just returned from a family holiday in Costa Rica. Terence rang me to let me know that they had arrived home safely after a thirteen hour trip. Little Michael was eager to give me details of his adventures. Part of our conversation went like this:
Michael Colin — I wish you had come to Costa Rica on the airplane with us, Uncle Mark.
Uncle Mark — Oh, thank you, Michael. What a nice thought!
Michael Colin — Butcha didn’t, Uncle Mark.
From what I understand, one of the highlights of the trip was swinging through the trees of the jungle on a cable. There was also lots of time to play in the water. I look forward to seeing Terence, Sandy, and the children at Thanksgiving time. And I want to hear Michael Colin tell me more about his experiences.

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