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Adoration Is Not Idleness

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You do not yet understand the value and the meaning
of what you are doing
when you abide in adoration before My Eucharistic Face.
You are participating in a divine work, in a work of grace.
You are before Me as an empty vessel
to be filled with the power and sweetness of the Holy Spirit,
that souls might drink of My Love
and, drinking, see that My Love is sweeter than any earthly delight.

You are before Me as the intercessor i
n whose soul the Holy Spirit is sighing with ineffable groanings,
and obtaining from My Father, through Me,
all that the Father desires to give My priests
in this world and in the next.

You are the reparator
opening yourself to receive the love
that so many others ignore, refuse,
or treat with indifference, coldness, and disdain.
By offering yourself to Me in an adoration of reparation,
you console My Eucharistic Heart,
which burns with love
and so desires to fill souls with My tender mercy.

When you are before Me,
you are the privileged friend of My Heart,
keeping Me company in My loneliness
and allowing Me to share with you My sorrows,
My grieving over sin,
and My designs for a priesthood made pure
and radiant with holiness.

When you are before Me,
you are with Me a victim of love,
handed over and bound to remain at your place before the altar
with no desires or plans
other than to love, to adore, to make reparation,
and to represent all priests
in a prayer that simple, and confident, and life-changing.

When you are in adoration before My Eucharistic Face,
you are are not idle;
you are working in a way far more efficacious
than any human undertaking can be.
This is your work and it is My work in you.
This is a work that many will criticize and not understand.
You are here in a divinely active collaboration with Me,
who from the Sacrament of My Love,
continue My priestly mediation before the Father
on behalf of poor sinners.

Never doubt of the value of your hours of adoration.
It is this that I have asked you to do,
and I will draw from your presence in the sanctuary
a great good and a superabundance of graces for My priests.

From In Sinu Iesu, The Journal of a Priest

Love's Invisible Radiance

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There are so many tabernacles on earth
where I am, for all intents and purposes,
like one buried, hidden, forgotten, and out of sight.
My divine radiance is diminished
because there are so few adorers
to act as the receptors of My radiant Eucharistic love
and to extend My radiance through space
and into the universe of souls.

Where there is faith in My real presence,
there will be adoration;
and where there is adoration,
there will also be an efficacious radiance of My presence
drawing souls to My Eucharistic Heart
and surrounding them, even at a distance,
with the healing influence of My Eucharistic Face.

In those places where I am exposed upon the altar
to receive the adoration, the reparation,
and the companionship of My friends
-- and, first of all, of My priests --
My radiance is powerful and strong.
Faith., adoration, and love act as receptors;
thus is My power drawn out and made effective,
invisibly but really, in space and in time.
It was the same with My Sacred Humanity during My life on earth;
the faith and love of My friends
drew out the virtue of My Divinity,
and an invisible radiance acted in souls, and upon them,
bringing healing, holiness,
and many graces of conversion.

When I am adored in a place,
My hidden action upon souls is wonderfully increased.
The place where I am adored becomes a radiant centre
from which love, and life, and light
are diffused in a world in the grip of hatred,
and darkness, and death.

Chapels of adoration are not mere refuges for the devout.
They are the radiant, pulsating centres
of an intense divine activity
that goes beyond the walls of the place where I am adored
to penetrate homes, and schools, and hospitals;
to reach even those dark and cold places
wherein souls are enslaved to Satan;
to penetrate hearts, heal the infirm,
and call home those who have wandered far from Me.

For these reasons, the work of perpetual adoration,
or even of prolonged daily adoration,
is intensely apostolic and supernaturally efficacious.
Would that My bishops understood this!
But, alas, they put their trust in human schemes,
in plans devised by the worldly-wise,
and in programs drawn-up along shortsighted human principles.
And so they go, and they will continue to go
from failure to failure, and from disillusionment to disillusionment.

I have not set bishops over My flock
to govern, and to teach, and to sanctify, out of their personal abilities
and by making use of the wisdom of this passing world.
I have set them as lights upon a lampstand
to shine in every dark place,
and I have equipped them with supernatural gifts and divine power
to accomplish that for which I chose them
and set them over My Church.

Woe to those bishops
who trust in purely human solutions
to the problems that beset My Church.
They will be grievously disappointed,
and many souls will fall away
because they have neglected to take up
the supernatural weapons I have prepared for them
in this time of spiritual combat.

My presence in the Blessed Sacrament
preached, and confessed,
and surrounded by adoration, love, and heartfelt reparation
is the single greatest remedy for the evils that afflict My Church
and for the sorrows that weigh so heavily upon My priests.

My ways are not your ways,
nor do I act according to the principles of worldly success.
I act in the silent, humble, hidden reality of My Eucharistic presence.
Adore Me, and the radiance of My Eucharistic Face
will begin to change the face of the earth,
even as it heals My priests, calls sinners home to My Heart,
and enlivens the hearts of those grown weary and sad
(like the disciples on the road to Emmaus)
with a spark of divine vitality and with the fire of My Eucharistic love.

I speak to you in this way not only for you,
beloved friend of My Heart,
but also for those who will receive these words, ponder them,
and out of them draw the inspiration
to love Me more generously, more fruitfully, and more joyfully.
I speak to you for the sake of My priests.
You will be astonished at the reception given to these words of Mine.
Many souls of priests will be quickened and consoled by them.
Many priests will be moved to spend time
in the radiance of My Eucharistic Face,
and to abide close to My pierced Heart.
This is My desire for them.
I want to draw all My priests into the radiance of My Face
and, then, into the sanctuary of My open Heart.

From In Sinu Iesu, The Journal of a Priest

About Dom Mark

Dom Mark Daniel Kirby is Conventual Prior of Silverstream Priory in Stamullen, County Meath, Ireland. The ecclesial mandate of his Benedictine community is the adoration of the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar in a spirit of reparation, and in intercession for the sanctification of priests.

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