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For one who loves

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When you come into My presence to adore Me,
and prefer Me to the other things that solicit your attention
and make claims upon your time,
I am consoled and glorified.

The proof of friendship is the choice of one's friend over all else.
I want you to prefer Me,
to give Me time that could be given to other persons and things.
In so doing, you will show Me your love
and offer Me the consolation of a true friendship.

I would ask this preferential love of all My priests.
Friendship, if it is to thrive, must be practised.
This is as true of friendship with Me as it is of human friendships.
I wait for the companionship of My priests.
With them I hold My priesthood in common -- and My victimhood.
This is what makes the friendship of My priests so precious to My Sacred Heart.

With them too I share the purest joy
of living in the presence of My Immaculate Mother
and of experiencing her maternal care
in all the circumstances of priestly life.
Given that friendship is based on treasured things held in common,
My friendship with My priests is unlike that with other souls.
The more My priests come to Me and linger in My presence,
the more can I share with them
the secrets and the treasures reserved for them in My Sacred Heart.

Priests, yes, even My priests,
are sometimes fearful
of finding themselves silent and alone
in My presence.
When they come to adore Me
and to offer Me the consolation of their company,
I do not require that they speak to Me;
it is enough that they remain in the radiance of My Eucharistic Face,
allowing their hearts to reach out to My Eucharistic Heart.
Those who have experienced this movement of the heart to My Eucharistic Heart
will know of what I speak.
Words are not always necessary.
The engagement of the heart, on the other hand,
is indispensable.

Weariness and fatigue are no obstacle to a fruitful time of adoration.
They are incidental;
what matters is the desire to seek My Eucharistic Face
and to abide in My company.

For one who loves, the time in My presence passes quickly,
storing up immense treasures of merit for souls.
The merits of your adoration
I consider as belonging to the neediest and most broken of My priests.

You will not see in this life the good done to the souls of My beloved priests
by your fidelity to adoration,
but in heaven it will be revealed to you,
and this revelation will cause you
an immense increase of delight in My presence.

From In Sinu Iesu, The Journal of a Priest

Live With the Saints

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PIC Bl Marmion-thumb-300x301-5615.jpg

Here are photos of three dear friends of mine: Blessed Columba Marmion, Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus and of the Holy Face, and Mother Yvonne-Aimée de Jésus.

I have brought so many of My saints and blessed,
so many of My friends here in heaven with Me, into your life
to help you, to guide you, to intercede for you.
You are not always aware of their presence
nor of their intense activity on your behalf.

I give tasks to My saints.
I share with them the ministrations of My merciful love to souls.
I invite them to enter into the lives of My servants and friends on earth,
and to educate and guide
those whom I love and have called to eternal glory.


The life of My saints in heaven
is one of cooperation with Me
in My two-fold mediation as Eternal High Priest.
Through Me, and with Me, and in Me,
they glorify and praise My Father;
and through Me, and with Me, and in Me,
they dispense graces to souls
and intervene with a perfect love
in the lives of their sisters and brothers
who walk as pilgrims on the earth.

I have charged so many of My saints
to walk with you,
to attend to your needs,
to obtain for you the graces of repentance,
and illumination, and union with Me
that My merciful Heart so desires to give you.

Yvonne Beauvais-thumb-300x450-8610.jpg

Some of these saints, though not all of them, are known to you.
They have adopted you, some as a brother, others as a spiritual son.
Their interest in all that you do, and say, and suffer
is continuous and they are, at every moment, attentive to you.
Call upon My saints.
Ask for their help.
Walk in their company.
Invoke those whom I have made known to you.
Welcome those whom I will make known to you.

One day you will be united with them, in Me,
in the glory of heaven where My Face will fill your soul with an ineffable joy,
the same joy that is the delight of all My saints,
and the reward of those who have sought My Face on earth.
Invoke those whom I have already brought into your life
and remain open, for there are others whom I will present to you,
and to whom I will entrust you in the years to come.

From In Sinu Iesu, The Journal of a Priest

When I see a priest son of mine

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For the Saturday within the Octave of the Assumption: the image is a detail of the icon of Our Mother of Perpetual Succour that is venerated in the Oratory of Silverstream Priory.

I am your Mother,
the Mother given you by my Son Jesus, from the Cross,
in the solemn hour of His Sacrifice.
And you are my son, dear to my Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart,
precious to me, and ever under the mantle of my protection.

Let me live with you
as I lived with John,
the second son of my Heart
and the model for all my priest sons down through the ages.
Speak to me simply
and with complete trust in the compassion of my maternal Heart
and in the power given to my maternal intercession.

There is nothing
that you cannot bring to me,
nothing that you cannot present to me,
nothing that you cannot offer me,
even to your very sins.
Anything given to me by My sons, I press to my Heart;
all that is impure, every vestige of sin
is consumed in the flame of love
that burns in my Immaculate Heart,
in the fire of love that is the Holy Spirit in me,
the very Fire of the Divinity.
Give to me, then, all that you would offer to my Son and to His Father.
It will be purified as gold in the furnace
because I will press it to my Heart.
Nothing impure can endure the flame of love
that burns in my Heart. Only love remains.

Give me your weaknesses,
your past sins, your daily faults,
and I will present to my Son only the love with which,
in spite of all your weaknesses,
you desire to love Him, and with Him, love the Father.

I am your Mother.
I am the Mother from whom you need hide nothing.
Even those things that you think are hidden
appear clearly to me in the pure light of the Godhead.
When I see a priest son of mine disfigured or polluted by sin,
I am moved, not to judge him but, to show him mercy
and to employ all the means at my disposal
for his full recovery from the vestiges of sin.

So many of those who struggle
against inveterate habits of sin and pernicious vices
would find themselves quickly set free from them
if they would only approach me with filial confidence
and allow me to do for them
what my maternal and merciful Heart moves me to do.

There are no limits to my intercessory power
because the Father has so ordained it.
One can never go wrong in turning to me.
No matter how complex the problem,
no matter how sordid the sin,
I am the Handmaid of the Divine Mercy,
the Refuge of Sinners,
and the Mother of all who struggle against the forces of darkness.
Come to me, then.
I can even say those comforting words
first spoken by my beloved Son:
"Come to me, and I will give you rest."

It is not enough to have some practices in my honour
in the course of the day:
I desire more, and you are called to more.
You are called to reproduce
the life of Saint John with me in the Cenacle
and at Ephesus.
If only you knew the bonds of love for Jesus,
and of obedience to the Father,
and of joy in the Holy Spirit that united John's soul to Mine.
We were the nucleus of a family of souls
that has grown wondrously through the ages:
the family of all those who, like John,
lived with me, learned from me, and allowed me
so to love them
that love for my Jesus blazed in their hearts
like a great fire,
the fire that my Son came to cast upon the earth.

From In Sinu Iesu, The Journal of a Priest

Priests at Every Moment

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I live on in the Sacrament of the Most Holy Eucharist,
but few understand
that this Sacrament is the fulfillment of My promise
on the night before I suffered:
'You can see Me because I live on,
and you too will have life.
When that day comes you will learn for yourselves
that I am in My Father, and you in Me, and I in you' (Jn 14:20-21).

You have only to raise your eyes to the Sacred Host to see Me.
There, in the Most Blessed Sacrament, I live on.
There I am present to you and present before My Father
in the glory of the heavenly sanctuary.
Lift up your eyes to Me.
Seek My Eucharistic Face
and you will understand
that My priesthood is one of ceaseless offering
in heaven and on earth.

It is through My silent life
in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar
that I teach My priests how to be priests at every moment
and not only when,
vested in the insignia of their sacerdotal dignity,
they stand before the altar to celebrate the Holy Mysteries.
The life of the priest IS My life in heaven:
ceaseless attention to the Father
and uninterrupted intercession, thanksgiving, reparation,
and praise on behalf of all men.

There is not a moment
when the priest cannot be united to Me
in praising My Father for his great glory,
in mediating the praises of the saints and of the angels,
in carrying forward every offering to the Father made on earth,
from the rising of the sun to its setting.
The life of the priest is not only his Mass;
it is every Mass that is being offered on earth,
that has been or will be offered,
and all of this in union with Me
who stand in the presence of My Father
as Eternal Priest, as perpetual Victim,
and as Altar covered with the outpouring of My own Blood.

The service of My priests
in the sanctuaries of My Church on earth is but a part of their day:
a passing moment in time.
My desire is that each priest should unite himself
to My eternal service of the Father
in the sanctuary not made by human hands
that is in heaven.

'When that day comes
you will learn for yourselves
that I am in My Father, and you in Me, and I in you' (Jn 14:20).

Oh, that every priest of Mine would say with Me
at the beginning of his day:
'The world must know that I love the Father
and act only as the Father has commanded Me to act.
Rise up, we must be on our way' (Jn 14:31).

From In Sinu Iesu, The Journal of a Priest


In a letter dated 28 February 1882, written from Dundrum, to a friend about to be ordained in Rome, the young Father Joe Marmion (Blessed Columba Marmion) speaks of his own loneliness as a newly ordained priest, and of the temptation to look for compensation, diversion, and gratification in society. "The life of a priest," he writes, "is very much more lonely than we anticipate. I have often been for days without opening my lips to a mortal. This may seem very strange, but it is true, and if we can't find our pleasure before Gesù sacramentato, we will, inevitably, go for consolation into society, and then. . . ." Father Marmion left his sentence unfinished. It is significant to me that he saw intimacy with Gesu sacramentato -- Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament -- as indispensable to the happiness of the priest.

You and so many of your brother priests
do not know Me as I would have you know Me.
Many of you are strangers to My Heart.
Come close to Me.
Remain in My presence.
Seek My Eucharistic Face.
Learn of My love for you and you will begin to trust in it.
I am not harsh.
I am not a taskmaster.
I am your Divine Friend.
I am your Advocate, your Comforter, your Refuge in every trial.
Those who persevere in seeking My Eucharistic Face
will begin to read there all the secrets of My Heart,
that is, the unsearchable depths of My love for souls
and, in the first place, for My priests.

This is the root of the evil that eats away at the priesthood from within:
a lack of experiential knowledge of My friendship and love.
My priests are not mere functionaries;
they are My chosen ones,
the friends whom I chose for myself
to live in such communion of mind and heart with Me
that they prolong My presence in the world.
Each priest is called to love My Church
with all the tender passion of a bridegroom,
but to do this, he must spend time in My presence.
He must experience Me personally as the Bridegroom of his soul.

I want you to call priests to the experience of My friendship.
Show them how to remain before My Eucharistic Face
by giving them an example of adoration and reparation.
Draw near to My open Side in the Sacrament of My Love
for them and in their place,
and they will begin to follow you there.
Reach out to My priests, not so much by speaking to them,
but rather by reaching out to Me for their sake.

I tell you again: I want you to be My priest-adorer,
the priest-adorer of My Eucharistic Face
and of My Heart hidden in the Sacrament of My Love.
My Heart is wounded even in My glory.
It is My wounded Heart that you find
when you approach Me in the Most Holy Eucharist.
And from My wounded Heart
there flows a ceaseless torrent of merciful love
to purify souls, to strengthen, heal, sanctify, and glorify them.
The mystery of My Sacred Heart hidden in the Sacrament of My Love
is still so little known.
I want all My priests to know
that in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar
there beats for them a living Heart,
a Heart all aflame with the most tender love.

There is no need for My priests to go through life
isolated, lonely, and friendless.
I want to be the Faithful Companion of their days and of their nights.
I want to be their solace and their rest.
I want to be their Friend, ever ready to listen to them,
to welcome them, to heal them, and renew their hope.
Oh, if only they would seek Me out
in those tabernacles where I wait for them,
in those tabernacles where no one joins Me
in My ceaseless prayer to the Father.

Never miss an opportunity to greet Me,
to adore Me, to remain with Me, even if only for a moment,
in the Sacrament of My Love.
In eternity you will see
the inestimable value of every moment
spent in My Eucharistic presence.

From In Sinu Iesu, The Journal of a Priest

About Dom Mark

Dom Mark Daniel Kirby is Conventual Prior of Silverstream Priory in Stamullen, County Meath, Ireland. The ecclesial mandate of his Benedictine community is the adoration of the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar in a spirit of reparation, and in intercession for the sanctification of priests.

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