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Holiness Through Adoration

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The practice of adoration is not difficult.
It is a gentle abiding in My presence,
a resting in the radiance of My Eucharistic Face,
a closeness to My Eucharistic Heart.

Words, though sometimes helpful, are not necessary,
nor are thoughts.
What I seek from one who would adore Me in spirit and in truth
is a heart aflame with love,
a heart content to abide in my presence,
silent and still,
engaged only in the act of loving Me
and of receiving My love.

Though this is not difficult,
it is, all the same,
my own gift
to the soul who asks for it.
Ask, then, for the gift of adoration.

Adoration is an austere prayer
because it rests upon faith alone.
Out of faith there rises the pure flame of hope,
and out of the flame of hope,
I enkindle in the soul a great conflagration of charity;
that is, a communication to the soul
of the fire that blazes in My Eucharistic Heart.

The fire of Divine Love does not destroy what I created:
a soul fashioned in My image and likeness.
It purifies that soul
and burns away only what is incompatible with My infinite holiness,
and with the purity of My Essence.
The soul, however, is not annihilated.
The soul remains,
even in the midst of the purifying flames of Divine Love,
fully capable of believing, of hoping, and of loving Me.

Adoration is a furnace and a forge.
The soul called to a life of adoration
must expect to suffer the intensity of the fiery furnace,
and the reshaping of all that is misshapen in her
in the forge of My Divine Will.
For this to happen,
it is enough that the soul offer herself to My love,
and remain humble, peaceful, and quiet
as I purify and transform her in My presence.

If only souls knew the power to purify and to transform
that emanates from My tabernacles!
If only My priests knew this
they would hasten into My presence
and remain there,
waiting for Me to do in them
what, of themselves, they cannot do.

It is the simple prayer of adoration
that renders a priest fit for the sacred ministry
by giving him a pure heart
and by correcting all that is incompatible with My Divine Holiness
and with My Priestly Love in his life.
This way of holiness through adoration
is a secret revealed to My saints in ages past,
and it is a gift that I am offering My priests
in these times of impurity, persecution, and darkness.

For impurity,
I will give them a shining purity
that will blaze before the eyes of the world
as a testimony to Divine Love.
For persecution
I will give them a manly strength and a resoluteness of purpose
that will confound those who plot their downfall.
For darkness
I will give them a clear light by which to order their steps
and see what choices are pleasing to My Heart.

Time spent in My presence is not time wasted.
It is the ground and support
of every word spoken by My priests in the exercise of their ministry;
it is the secret of a priestly action that is supernaturally fruitful,
bearing fruit that will last.

If this is true of the priests whom I have chosen
to labour in the vineyard of My Church,
how much more must it be true of [those]
whom I have chosen and set apart
to live cloistered in the Cenacle
with My Most Holy Mother and with Saint John, My Beloved Disciple.

John was most at home in My Eucharistic presence
and in the company of My Mother.
John understood better
and more than the other Apostles
the mysteries that I instituted in the Cenacle
on the night before I suffered.
John was the first of a long line of Eucharistic priests
called to love Me and abide in My Eucharistic presence,
close to My Heart, and in the radiance of My Face.
This is the particular grace that Saint John would share
with those who, responding to My call,
will find their way to the Cenacle of adoration
that I am bringing to birth
as a living organism within My Church,
enlivened by the Holy Spirit
and formed in the Heart of My Immaculate Mother.

From In Sinu Iesu, The Journal of a Priest

Into the Shelter of My Wounded Side

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How it grieves my Heart
when the unique love I offer a soul
is spurned, or ignored, or regarded with indifference.
I tell you this so that you may make reparation to my Heart
by accepting the love I have for you
and by living in my friendship.

Receive my gifts, my kindnesses,
my attention, my mercies
for the sake of those who refuse what I so desire to give them.
Do this especially for my priests, your brothers.

I would fill each one of my priests with my merciful love,
I would take each one into the shelter of my wounded Side,
I would give to each one the delights of my Divine Friendship,
but so few of my priests accept what I desire to give them.
They flee from before my Face.
They remain at a distance from my open Heart.
They keep themselves apart from me.
Their lives are compartmentalized.
They treat with me only when duty obliges them to do so.
There is no gratuitous love,
no desire to be with me for my own sake,
simply because I am there in the Sacrament of my Love,
waiting for the companionship and friendship
of those whom I have chosen and called
from among millions of souls to be my priests
and to be the special friends of my Sacred Heart.

Would that priests understood that they are called
not only to minister to souls in my Name,
but even more to cling to me, to abide in me,
to live in me and for me, and by me and no other.

I want you to tell priests of the desires of my Heart . . .
Make known to them these things that I have made known to you.
So many of my priests have never really heard and understood
the invitation to an exclusive and all-fulfilling friendship with me.
And so, they feel alone in life.
They are driven to seek out in other places
and in creatures unworthy of the undivided love of their consecrated hearts,
the fullness of happiness, and hope, and peace
that only I can give them.
So many go forward in bitterness and disappointment.
They seek to fill the emptiness within with vain pursuits,
with lust, with possessions, with food and drink.
They have me, very often, near to them in the Sacrament of my Love,
and they leave me there alone,
day after day and night after night.

Oh, how my Heart longs to raise up a company of priest-adorers
who will make reparation for their brother priests
by abiding before my Eucharistic Face.
I will pour out the treasures of my Eucharistic Heart upon them.
I want to renew the priesthood in my Church,
and I will do it beginning with a few priests
touched to the quick by my friendship,
and drawn into the radiance of my Eucharistic Face.

From In Sinu Iesu, The Journal of a Priest


Abandon yourself to me in complete confidence
and I will abandon myself to you
so that your words will be my words
and your presence my presence.
This is what I long to do with every priest of mine.
If only my priests would allow me to speak and to act through them!
What miracles of grace they would see!

A holy priest is quite simply
one who allows me to live in him as in a supplementary humanity.
In every priest I would speak and act,
delivering souls from the powers of darkness and healing the sick;
but most of all, I desire to offer myself in every priest
and to assume every priest into my own offering to the Father.
This I would do at the altar in the celebration of my Holy Sacrifice,
but not only there;
the life of a priest united to me is a ceaseless oblation
and he, like me, is a hostia perpetua, a perpetual victim.
You cannot imagine the fruitfulness of such a union,
and this is the fruitfulness that I desire
for my Father's glory and for the joy of my Bride, the Church.

From In Sinu Iesu, The Journal of a Priest

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Have I not told you before that the priesthood is,
above all else and before anything else,
a relationship of intimate friendship with me?
The priests who do not understand this have no notion of what their priesthood means to me and to my Father in heaven.
This is one of the great sorrows of my Sacred Heart:
that priests do not approach me as a friend,
that they fail to seek my company,
to abide in the radiance of my Face,
and to rest close to my Heart.

Seminarians are taught many things,
some useful, and others less so,
but are they taught to love me,
to give me their hearts,
to remain in my presence,
to seek my Face,
and to listen to my voice?
If they are not taught these things, they will have learned nothing useful,
and all their efforts will remain shallow and sterile.
Why are the seminaries of my Church not schools of love,
and furnaces of Divine Charity wherein the dross is burned away
and the pure gold of holiness is produced,
a gold capable of reflecting the glory of my Divinity
and the splendour of my truth
in a world plunged into darkness?

Woe to those who allow men to pass through their institutions without teaching them the One Thing Necessary!
Will I be obliged to say on the last day
to those whom I have chosen,
'You have not yet come to know me,
and though I know you through and through,
I find in you coldness and resistance to my grace?'

Pray, then, not only for my priests, your brothers,
but also for the men whom I have called to be my priests,
that they may learn to love me
before investing their talents and their energies in a multitude of other things
that are perishable and have no value
except in the hands and in the mind
of one wholly converted to the love of my Heart.

Every seminarian and every priest needs to consecrate himself
to the maternal and immaculate Heart of my Mother.
Apart from my Mother they risk growing tepid and, then, cold.
Apart from her they will succumb to habits of sin
and find themselves too weak to rise when they fall.
Apart from her their lives will be devoid of joy, of tenderness, of sweetness,
and of the warmth that her Immaculate Heart diffuses
in the souls of those consecrated to her.

Love my Mother, and make her loved.
In this there can be no exaggeration;
have no gear of loving my Mother excessively.
Your love for my Mother will never approach mine'
in tenderness, in filial piety, in attention to all the desires of her Heart.
I loved my Mother and made her loved during my life on earth;
first of all, I made my apostles love her,
and by loving her they grew in love of me.
After my Ascension they assembled around her
as around a hearth of fire and of light.
Thus were they prepared to receive the outpouring of the Holy Ghost at Pentecost.

A priest according to my own Heart will love my Mother with all his heart.
A priest according to my own Heart will attend to all that my Mother desires;
he will listen to her and follow her counsels.

The remedy for so many of the evils that have disgraced my priesthood
and brought shame upon my Church lies in the consecration
of priests and seminarians to the Immaculate Heart of my Mother.
I saw all my priests until the end of time from the height of the Cross,
and it was to each one that I said, 'Behold thy Mother.'

From In Sinu Iesu, The Journal of a Priest

Our Lady and the Priesthood

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My Mother's Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart
is to be your refuge and your place of solace.
Go to my Mother in all your needs.
She is your Mother of Perpetual Help, that is, of unfailing help.
My Mother is at the service of all my priests.
She is their Mother, but she is also the humble handmaid of the Lord.
In every priest of mine she recognizes me,
and she places herself wholly at my service in my priests.
For all of that, she remains the Immaculate Queen of heaven and of earth.
All the riches of my Sacred Heart are hers to give away as she sees fit.
She administers the treasury of my Kingdom,
and all that is mine is hers to bestow freely and lavishly
according to the desires of her maternal and merciful Heart.

If all my priests knew this
-- not merely with their minds, but in their daily experience --
the priesthood would be transformed.
My Most Pure Mother is the faithful and indispensable collaborator
of the priest who represents me and pursues my work in the Church.
My Mother is attentive to the ministry of the priest
and to his personal spiritual needs,
as she was attentive to my ministry
and to all my needs during my life on earth.

Priests who do not collaborate with my Immaculate Mother
will be stifled in the exercise of their priesthood.
I Myself chose to have my Mother at my side
at the Hour of my Supreme Sacrifice.
I gave her to my beloved disciple John
so that all my priests would understand
that my Mother's place is at the side of every priest of mine,
especially when he stands at the altar
to offer my Sacrifice to the Father, and to speak and act in my Name.

Never fail to recognize the mystical presence of my Mother in the Mass.
She is there at your side.
She rejoices in your distribution of the fruits of my redemption,
and participates in it.
The hands of every priest are, in some way, held in my Mother's hands.
She acts with the priest.
Her participation in the Holy Sacrifice renewed upon the altar is silent but efficacious.
Her presence at the altar, though invisible, is real.
My Church has long acknowledged the presence of my Mother
at every offering of my Holy Sacrifice,
but it is now more than ever necessary
that priests should deepen their awareness of this most precious gift.
She is the Coredemptrix.
Just as my Sacrifice is renewed mystically in every Mass,
her offering, her participation in my offering, is also renewed.
The priest who knows this and allows it to penetrate his heart
will be graced with a holy fervour in every Mass he celebrates.

I grieve over the carelessness with which some priests approach my Holy Mysteries.
The remedy for this lack of reverence, attention, and devotion
is a filial recourse to my Mother.
Hers it is to prepare the heart of the priest
to offer the Holy Sacrifice worthily.
My Mother is full of solicitude for all her priest sons.
She wants to see them go to the altar clothed in humility,
in purity, in innocence of heart, and in profound adoration.
She accompanies every priest in the sacred actions of his ministry.
She sustains every priest by means of her all-powerful intercession.

My Mother is the guardian of all priests
and it is my desire that she be recognized as such.
The priest who knows this will have a refuge in temptation;
he will be safe under her protecting mantle.
If he should fall out of weakness, or negligence,
she will be there to raise him up
and to direct his steps into the way of penitence and of holiness.

From In Sinu Iesu, The Journal of a Priest


I am your Mother of Perpetual Help
and I am the Mediatrix of all graces for my dear children.
My eyes of mercy are turned toward you.
My Heart is open to you.
My hands are ever raised in prayer for you,
or open over you, to shower abundant graces upon you
and upon those for whom you pray.

I am pleased that you want to imitate my son Saint John
in making your home with me, in opening to me every part of your life.
In this way, you allow me to act upon you,
but also you allow me to act with you and through you.

My presence and my action are revealed in gentleness,
in sweetness, and in mercy.
I want you to resemble me spiritually just as my Jesus resembled me physically.
Jesus, looking at me, saw the perfect reflection
of all the dispositions and virtues of His Adorable Heart.
I, looking at you, want to see my own Immaculate Heart mirrored in yours.
I want to communicate to you and to all my priest sons the virtues of my Heart.
By consecrating yourself to me, you have made this possible,
and already my transformation of you has begun.

My Son has given me sway over the hearts of His priests.
I will transform, and purify, and sanctify
the heart of every priest consecrated to me.
Mine it is to change the souls of priests,
to wash them, to lift them up into the heavenly places
so that their conversation may be with my Son,
and through Him with the Father and the Holy Spirit.
For this reason am I rightly called Porta Caeli, the Gate of Heaven.
It is the will of my Son that His priests should live,
while they are yet on earth, in the heavenly places.
He would have them enter with Him into the sanctuary of heaven,
beyond the veil where, as Eternal High Priest,
He offers Himself ceaselessly
as a Victim of praise and propitiation to His Father.

The Holy Spirit is the living flame of this heavenly holocaust.
All of heaven glows with the Fire of Love
that burns in the Heart of the Son
who stands before His Father as Eternal High Priest.
I am for all my priest sons the Gate of Heaven.
If any priest would ascend, even in this earthly life,
into the glory of the heavenly liturgy
ceaselessly celebrated by my Son before the Father's Face,
he need only approach me.
I will open the way into the mysteries of heaven for him.
I will teach him the reverence, the silence, the profound adoration
that befits one called to serve at the altars of my Son, and in His place.

Let me be for you the Gate of Heaven.
Come to me at every opportunity.
Pray my Rosary.
I will make you share in all that I hold in my Heart.
I bless you now and I bless those for whom you have prayed to me.
I bless my priest sons.
I love them with all my Heart and I follow them in their comings and goings.
When they fall I weep over them,
and all my desire is to lift them up, to cleanse them, to heal their wounds,
and to see them restored to the grace of friendship with my Son.

I am present to you and I hear the prayers you address to me.
I will open my hands, full of graces and blessings,
over the souls whom you recommended to me.
I am ever willing to come quickly to the aid of my poor children.
I am every ready to help them them,
to lift them when they fall,
to bind up their wounds,
and even to intervene in such a way
as to repair the effects of their wrongdoing.

I am not distant. I hear every prayer addressed to me.
My maternal Heart is moved to pity when my children,
and especially my priest sons, have recourse to me in their needs.
I am the Mother of Mercy, Mater Misericordiae,
honoured by the Church in her chant to me.
I do turn towards you my eyes of mercy, and I am ever willing to help poor sinners.
Let sinners come to me; I will never turn them away.
Let them appeal to my Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart;
they will never be disappointed.

As for you, dear son of mine, persevere in praying to me.
Hold fast to my Rosary
and beware of every ploy of the Evil One to separate you from it.
My Rosary is your safeguard and your weapon
in the fight against the forces of evil.
At the same time, for you it is a remedy and a comfort.
Do you not see how the Rosary has stabilized you?
Do you not experience its healing and all its benefits?
Pray my Rosary and teach others to do the same.
Trust me for the unfolding of the plan of my Son.

From In Sinu Iesu, The Journal of a Priest

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Dom Mark Daniel Kirby is Conventual Prior of Silverstream Priory in Stamullen, County Meath, Ireland. The ecclesial mandate of his Benedictine community is the adoration of the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar in a spirit of reparation, and in intercession for the sanctification of priests.

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