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There is nothing that I will not do
for those who come to me,
ready to abandon themselves entirely
into my Divine Embrace.

There is nothing that I will not give them
for all that I have is theirs
from the moment that they entrust themselves
to my Heart.

This is what it means to surrender
to the embrace of my Divine Friendship:
it is to rest upon my Heart
and to renounce every other comfort,
every other security,
ever certainty except that
of my undying love.

From In Sinu Iesu, The Journal of a Priest

You pass me by

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Nothing so grieves my Heart
as the coldness and indifference of priests and of consecrated souls
to my living presence among them.
Had they not the privilege
of my abiding sacramental presence close at hand,
they might be excused for the hardness of their hearts,
but those who have me near,
those who dwell close to my tabernacles
have no excuse for the estrangement of their souls
from the Sacrament of my Love.
On the Day of Judgment I will hold them accountable
for the neglect and indifference
by which they alienated themselves from me,
while I, the living God,
the God who is love,
the God who is all mercy
and who sought their friendship and their company
waited for them,
and waited in vain.

Even you, O my priests,
my adorers, my chosen friends, consolers of my Heart,
disappoint me when,
although I wait for you
and although it is within your power to approach me,
to adore me even for a moment,
and to console me,
you pass me by
and live as though I were not here waiting for you,
yearning for your companionship,
ready to embrace you.

Come to me, then,
come to me as often as you can.
Come, even if only for a moment
to allow me to refresh you,
to inflame you with my love,
to illuminate your mind,
and to pacify your soul.
Come to me and, for a moment,
remain with me
for the sake of those who walk away from me.
Come to me
for the sake of those who pass me by.
Come to me for the sake of those
whose hearts are cold
and who seek their happiness in passing things.

Come to me, and I will welcome you.
Come to me, and I will bless you.
Come to me, and I will press you against my open Heart.
Come to me, and I will show you the beauty of my Eucharistic Face.
Come to me, and your soul shall live.
Come to me, and yours shall be the joy that the world cannot give.
Come to me, and I will place you next to myself.
Come to me, and know that I come to those who come to me,
together with my Father and the Holy Spirit.
Come to me, for I wait for you.

From In Sinu Iesu, the Journal of a Priest

Remain Close to Me

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John Heart of Jesus (Subiaco) detail.jpg

The image of Saint John resting in sinu Iesu is a detail of the fresco in the monumental refectory of the Sacro Speco Monastery at Subiaco.

Remain close to me
and I will unite you
to my own adoration of the Father.

Remain close to me
and I will unite you
to my priestly intercession for souls.

Remain close to me
and I will give you the peace
that the world cannot give.

Remain close to me
that I may hide myself in you
and hide you in my Sacred Heart.

Adore me in my silence
and I will make you silent.

Adore me in my solitude
and I will separate you from all save from myself.

Adore me in my humility
and I will make you humble.

Adore me in my obedience
and I will make you obedient.

Adore me in my prayer to the Father
and I will begin to pray my Father in you.

Adore me in my merciful love for sinners
and I will save sinners through you.

Adore me in my weakness and in my poverty
and I will make you strong in my grace
and rich in heavenly blessings.

Adore me,
and I will live in you.

Adore me,
and at the hour of your death
I will take you to myself
and show you the beauty of my Face unveiled in glory.

From In Sinu Iesu, the Journal of A Priest

Crucifixion at Subiaco.jpg

Photographs by Brother Benedict Maria Andersen, O.S.B.

I have so much to tell you
and, at the same time, all that you need to know . . .
is already given to you in the Gospel of Saint John, the friend of my Heart.

Yes, I have called you to become another John.
I want you to gaze upon my Face
with all the tenderness and adoration
that the Holy Spirit gave him during the years he spent in my company.
Even after my Ascension
he discerned my abiding presence in the Sacrament of my Love
and learned to contemplate there the glory of my Eucharistic Face.

John on the Heart of Jesus (Subiaco).jpg

John was the friend of my Heart.
When he saw my Heart pierced on Calvary, his own heart was pierced too.
This created between him and my Most Holy Mother the deepest of bonds.
This it was that sealed the covenant of filial and maternal love
that I established between them
by the virtue of my words from the Cross.
It was this that made their life together
after the birth of my Church at Pentecost
a model of perfect unity and of burning charity.

John and Mary together graced the Church
by living in fidelity to the words I spoke from the Cross
and by abiding in the mystery of my pierced Heart.
Their own hearts -- the Immaculate Heart of the Mother
and the pure heart of the son
were a single channel of mercy and of light for souls.
I want it to be the same for you and for all my priests
in their relationship to my Most Holy Mother.
Allow your heart to be pierced as was hers on Calvary.
Thus will your heart be united to mine through hers.

John's heart was mystically pierced
when he saw blood and water gush forth from my side.
Your heart will be pierced in the mystery of the Most Holy Eucharist,
not only when you stand at the altar to offer me to my Father,
but also when you remain in my presence,
seeking my Eucharistic Face,
eager to receive my instructions,
and allowing me to reshape you
into the priest I have, from the beginning, wanted you to be.

The piercing of your own heart will not be in a single thrust.
It will be a work of my grace
and an intimate, even hidden, action of the Holy Spirit.
You will know that your own heart has been pierced
when you begin to experience a continual and sweet union
with the Heart of my Mother and with my own Sacred Heart.

This I will do for you,
but I desire to work the same grace in the souls of all my priests.
Even in the beginning,
I wanted my friendship with John
to serve as a model for the other apostles.
I will not refuse the intimate friendship of my Heart
to the priests I have chosen for myself.
This is the secret of priestly holiness:
union with my Eucharistic Heart
through the pierced Heart of my Mother and of yours,
the Blessed Virgin Mary.

From In Sinu Iesu, The Journal of A Priest.

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Dom Mark Daniel Kirby is Conventual Prior of Silverstream Priory in Stamullen, County Meath, Ireland. The ecclesial mandate of his Benedictine community is the adoration of the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar in a spirit of reparation, and in intercession for the sanctification of priests.

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