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The Joy of the Cenacle

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It is right that you should feel joy and peace
in my presence here tonight
because it is the presence of Love,
infinite, living Love.

So few souls understand that my Eucharistic Presence
is all Love,
and that when they approach my altar,
or kneel before my tabernacle,
or gaze upon my Sacramental Form,
they are in the presence
of Love so powerful and so gentle
that nothing created can be compared to it.

I instituted the Sacrament of my Body and Blood
so that souls might eat Love,
drink Love,
and abide in Love's company.

I did this for all souls until the end of time,
but especially for my priests.
My priests hunger for Love,
my priests thirst for Love,
my priests seek the company of Love,
but so few of them come to me
in the Sacrament of Love.

You are experiencing joy in my presence tonight:
that too is right
for I intended,
--from the night before I suffered, this night--
that the Sacrament of my Body and Blood
should be a fountain of pure joy
set in the midst of my Church
to irrigate the whole world.

Where I am present
there will always be joy.
Nothing so demonstrates the reality of my presence
as the joy that souls find
when they approach me in the Sacrament of my Love,
and leave my presence changed,
transformed because they have encountered in me
the one joy that contains no admixture of bitterness,
the one joy that will never disappoint,
or decrease,
or come to fail in any way.

This is the joy of which I spoke to my Apostles
in the Upper Room:
not joy as the world knows it and promises it,
but joy that is divine in its source
and wonderfully fruitful in all its effects.

Read what I said concerning joy,
and take it to heart:
"Ask and you shall receive,
that your joy may be full."

My Sacramental Presence is a wellspring of joy
that will never run dry.
My thirst is that souls should quench their thirst
by coming to me.

The world peddles so many false joys:
joys that turn to bitterness,
to sorrow,
and to a sentiment of emptiness.
Too many, even among my priests,
are deceived by what the world counts as joy.

If only they would come to me,
I would give them a joy that surpasses
all that the world can offer;
for the joy that I give is a sharing in my Divine Life
with the Father and with the Holy Spirit.

There is nothing old about this joy;
it is forever young
and it revitalizes those who experience it.
In my life with the Father and the Holy Spirit
there is an eternal youthfulness:
our Trinitarian life is fresh, pure, and lovely
in itself and in all its works.

For this reason
joy is a sure sign of Our presence
and of Our work in the Church and in souls.

I created you for Love:
infinite Love, divine Love,
and that Love is here, for you,
in the Sacrament of my Body and Blood.

Remain in my presence
and you will know the Love
for which I created your mind and your heart.
Remain in my presence
and your soul will experience the joy
that is my kiss of Love, my kiss of friendship,
the seal of my fidelity,
and the communication of my sweetness.

From In Sinu Iesu, The Journal of a Priest

Christ Waits for His Priests

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I wait for my priests.
I long to see them enter my sanctuary
and approach the tabernacle of my abiding presence.

I wait for them
in the Sacrament that I left for their sakes
as the expression of my Divine Friendship for my priests,
as their consolation in loneliness,
their strength in weakness,
their sweetness in life's bitterness.

When my priests seek my company
I am moved to show them the compassionate love of my Heart.
When they draw near to me
it is because I have already drawn near to them,
set my gaze upon them,
given them my Heart's love of predilection,
and claimed them for myself
and for my Bride, the Church.

If they come in search of my Eucharistic Face,
it is because the light of my Face
has already illumined their darkness.
Some see the light of my Face
and walk in its radiance.

Others see it and turn away,
choosing darkness over my light.
Even among my priests
there are those who forsake the light of my Face
for the demon-infested darkness
that will lead to their destruction.

How I grieve over those of my priests who turn from me.
How I grieve over those of my priests
who pretend not to have seen my light
nor to have recognized my Face.
These, like Peter in his weakness,
deny having known me.

Still, I wait for them to turn to me.
My Face is, at every moment, turned towards them.
I will give them light to return to me.
I wait for them in the Sacrament of my Love.

From In Sinu Iesu, The Journal of A Priest

Te igitur clementissime Pater

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Allow me to live my sonship in you.
Allow me, in you, to be the Father's beloved Son,
the Son in whom He takes delight.

You allow Me to live my sonship in you
when you believe in me
and when you open yourself humbly and confidently
to the Gift of the Holy Spirit.

You allow me to live my sonship in you
when you love me
and when your single great desire is to be united to me,
and to participate in all the sentiments and dispositions
of my Filial Heart.
These are communicated to you by the Holy Spirit,
for it is the work of the Holy Spirit
to perfect the filial spirit in souls
by uniting them to me.

Too often my Father is forgotten.
He is acknowledged as God,
but His Fatherhood remains unknown,
and it was to reveal His Fatherhood
that I came into the world.

I prayed to Him, saying "Father"
so that souls in every age until the end of time
might learn from me
how to address the living God
with the confidence and tender affection of sons.

Learn to trust in my Father,
for to trust in Him is to believe in His love for you.
To trust in Him is to walk in imitation of me.
To trust in Him is to obey the inspiration of the Holy Spirit
who schools souls,
not in a servile fear,
nor in a heartless execution of rites,
but in a filial abandonment to the Father's love.

Nothing delights the Heart of the Father more
than the abandonment to Him
of a soul who believes in His love
and trusts Him with all things great and small.

My Father is unknown even now,
after two thousand years,
and because He is unknown,
souls continue to live in fear, in bondage, and in darkness.

Yes, a soul that has not learned to call God "Father"
is still in darkness and in the shadow of death.
Such a soul suffers the cold chill of alienation
from my Father's Heart.

Much of the suffering and scandal
that wounds and disfigures my priests
could have been avoided
had they been taught in their formative years
how immense a grace it is
to live as sons cherished by my Father at every moment.

My desire is that every priest of mine
should pass entirely into the grace of Divine Filiation;
should pray to the Father as I prayed to Him
during my earthly life;
and should rest secure and joyful in my Father's tender love,
never despairing of His mercy.

The grace to address my Father as "Father"
is conferred in Baptism,
but it is wonderfully perfected in ordination to my priesthood.
In a very real sense,
a man is ordained a priest
to stand at the altar
and pronounce that most sacred name: "Father".

So long as there are priests to stand at my altars
and to say "Father",
there will be a remedy for the bitterness
that so poisons the world We created.
The name of "Father" pronounced by my priests at the altar
introduces a divine sweetness
into the harshness and bitterness
that so mark your life
in this vale of tears.

When, standing at the altar,
a priest says "Father",
it is the beginning of a new creation,
it is the restoration to sonhood
of souls held in the bondage of slavery and fear.
It is the opening of the Kingdom upon earth.
It causes immense joy among the angels in heaven.

Be conscious of this when,
vested in the sacred adornments of my priesthood,
you stand at the altar
and say that one word that makes all else possible:

"Father" on the lips of a priest
is "Father" on my lips.
The Father hears and receives the filial utterances of His priests
calling Him by the Name
that glorifies Him above all other names,
-- because it is the Name by which I address Him --
with an ineffable joy,
with a divine delight
that causes jubilation among the Angels
and exultation among all my saints.

From In Sinu Iesu, The Journal of A Priest

When a priest suffers . . .

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Miracle Bordeaux 1822.jpg

This painting depicts Our Lord as he appeared in the Sacred Host exposed in the monstrance at the Institute of Loreto in Bordeaux, France on Septuagesima Sunday, 3 February 1822. Read about this manifestation of the Eucharistic Face of Jesus here.

My Heart is moved to compassion by the sufferings of my priests,
by those that they inflict upon themselves
and by those that they inflict on each other.

The sins of my priests cause me an immense sorrow.
I grieve over my priests
with a tender and sorrowful love.

I want them to understand
that every trial, every suffering, every humiliation is,
for them, an occasion to turn to me with confidence
and to discover the depth and the height and the breadth
of my merciful love,
of my Divine Friendship for them.

This is the answer and the remedy
for every crisis in the life of a priest:
a return to my Divine Friendship,
a humble and confident return to my most loving Heart,
a return to the foot of my altar
and to the comforting radiance of my Eucharistic Face.

The trials and sorrows that I permit to befall my priests
will serve my designs for their holiness
and for their growth in love.
Everything a priest suffers should send him to my Heart.
And where will he find my Heart,
opened by the lance and still beating with love,
if not in the Sacrament of the Altar,
the abiding sign of my friendship of predilection
for each and every priest?

I am calling my priests back to my altars;
I am calling them into the healing radiance of my Eucharistic Face.
I am calling my priests
into the intimate friendship of my Eucharistic Heart.

Why do so few respond to my call?
It is, in effect, more than a call:
I plead with them to become entirely Eucharistic priests
living from my altar and for my altar,
and abiding as often as they can
in the radiance of my Eucharistic Face.

A priest who spurns my Divine Friendship
is an empty vessel,
a cause of sorrow to my Heart,
a blight upon the Church,
a disappointment to my faithful.

Do what you can, do what you must,
to draw your brother priests . . .
into the radiance of my Eucharistic Face.
There they will taste and will come to know the sweetness of my love
and the infinite treasures of my mercy for them.

From In Sinu Iesu, The Journal of A Priest

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Dom Mark Daniel Kirby is Conventual Prior of Silverstream Priory in Stamullen, County Meath, Ireland. The ecclesial mandate of his Benedictine community is the adoration of the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar in a spirit of reparation, and in intercession for the sanctification of priests.

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