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At the Peabody Museum

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My brother Terence and nephew Michael Colin visited on Sunday from New Hampshire. The Peabody Museum of Natural History in New Haven, Connecticut was one of several destinations. The hall of dinosaurs is, in Michael Colin's own words, "just amazing."

Michael Colin is a four year old expert on dinosaurs. He knew their names and their distinctive traits. He was also very good at identifying other animals in a photo exhibition in the museum.

The Peabody Museum is something of a tradition in our family. With Michael Colin another generation is discovering it.




Happy 40th Birthday, Terence!

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My "little" brother and godson Terence turns 40 today! Terence is married to Sandy. They have three beautiful children, all of whom have been featured on Vultus Christi: Michael Colin (4 years old), Mary Elizabeth (2 years old), and Jonah Daniel (6 months old). Terence owns and operates My Dogs Mind in Hampton, New Hampshire.


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I just had to share these photos of my nephews and niece, the children of my brother Terence and his wife Sandy. They live in New Hampshire where Terence has a business called My Dogs Mind.


Brothers: Jonah Daniel (6 months) and Michael Colin Kirby (4 years)


Mary Elizabeth Kirby (2 years)


Jonah Daniel Kirby (6 months)

Che Settimana!

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This is the constitutional flag of the Kingdom of Naples and of the Two Sicilies. King Ferdinando II delle Due Sicilie was a visitor to the Onoratelli ancestral palace in Sepicciano, Campania. The bed he slept in is still used! I've slept in it!

The Saints

The first week of August is one of my favourite weeks in the sanctoral cycle: Saint Alphonus Maria Liguori on the 1st, Saint Peter Julian Eymard on the 2nd, and Saint Jean-Marie Vianney on the 4th. Unfortunately, I found myself over my head in all sorts of obligations that kept me from posting this week.

Italian Sunshine

The most pleasant of these was the visit from Italy of my young (20 something) cousins Ettore and Sissi de Lellis, together with their friends Francesca and Gianmarco. They were overnight guests in my parents' home. The four of them were going on to New York City from here, and from there to Florida and Mexico!

Ettore, an engineer specializing in spacecraft (the proverbial rocket scientist) works in Capua. Sissi, a very pretty young attorney practising criminal law, works in Rome. Home, for both of them is the Onoratelli ancestral palace in Sepicciano, beautifully restored by their parents Carlo and Nora. This is the house where my great-grandmother (Donna Emma Onoratelli Barbato) grew up and where my grandfather (Angelo Barbato) stayed as a very little boy. Gianmarco, from Piedimonte Matese, is an attorney specializing in labour law. Francesca, a communications specialist, is from Napoli and Sorrento. Meridional sunshine!


On Wednesday afternoon my mother prepared a stupendous pranzo for them: antipasto followed by ravioli, then delicious cotolette (Mom's specialty), followed by fruit, and later on in the evening by coffee and dolci. The guests had worked up an appetite by touring New Haven's Yale University (two art galleries!) and other local attractions.

The life of the party was 94 year old Zia Edvige (my mother's Aunt Eva) who regaled the young people with her stories in a mixture of Italian, English, and Neapolitan dialect. Great fun!

A Family Evening

At about 7:00 p.m. others began to join us: my sister Donna with husband Wayne and children Sean and Lauren; cousin Ernest Delgiudice; cousins Felicia and Jackie Campagnuolo. The conversation was a very animated mixture of Italian and English all evening.


The next morning I drove our travelers to Union Station in New Haven whence they departed for New York. Now that things have calmed down somewhat, I hope to resume my customary posts. Having Ettore, Sissi, Gianmarco, and Francesca here was wonderful!

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