Wonders too many to be counted

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Blessed Louis and Zélie Martin, Parents of Saint Thérèse
Beatified 4 Years Ago Today

One Year Ago Today

It is exactly one year ago today that, together with my good friend, Father John H., I made my way to the residence of the Bishop of Meath in Mullingar to inquire about moving the monastery here to Ireland. Back in Tulsa, we had prayed perseveringly to Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus and of the Holy Face, confident that she would intervene in our search for a suitable permanent home.

Theresian Dates

My appointment with the Bishop of Meath was, then, on Thursday, 19 October 2011. The date did not have, in my mind, any particular associations with Saint Thérèse, but Divine Providence was smiling upon us, and at work behind the scenes. To my astonishment I discovered later on that same day, after meeting with His Lordship, that October 19th is the anniversary of Saint Thérèse being proclaimed the 33rd Doctor of the Church, as well as the anniversary of the beatification of her parents, Louis and Zélie Martin.

Little Signs

Little signs such as these give me heart and encourage me to go on. The Silverstream property was dedicated to Saint Thérèse in 1946 when the Order of Saint John of God purchased it from the Preston family. There are no coincidences in these things.

Join with us today in praying to Saint Thérèse -- the Little Flower, as the Irish love to call her. Ask her to obtain for us all that is necessary to the fulfillment of our mission.


O glorious Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus
and of the Holy Face
cherished child of the Father,
virgin espoused to the Son,
humble Doctor instructed by the Holy Ghost,
We greet thee with joy
and approach thee with confidence.

The wonders wrought by thy intercession
are too many to be counted;
thou showest thyself the friend and advocate
of all who have recourse to thee in time of need.
We rely on thy childlike power over the Father's Heart.

From the thy place in heaven
thou seest our afflictions
and, by a merciful disposition of Providence,
thou sendest roses of pity to those who seek thy help.

There is no mIsery of body or of soul
to which thou dost not respond with love.
Thou who didst seek to be love in the heart of the Church,
while still on earth,
art forever love in the heart of the Church
from the place that is thine in Heaven.

Descend to us, Saint Thérèse.
Hasten to us who are waiting for a rose from heaven,
a sign of thy compassion, a pledge of thy assistance.
Who hath not heard of thy errands of love
in every place and on every continent?
Walk with us, Saint Thérèse,
lest we wander from thy little way.

Change, we pray thee, our timid and faltering confidence,
into a confidence that is limitless and bold,
that by offering ourselves, as thou didst offer thyself,
to the mystery of Merciful Love,
our confidence may be perfected, as was thine,
in the contemplation of the holy and adorable Face of Jesus:
thine own heart's treasure in this valley of tears,
and thine all-surpassing joy
in the brightness of the heavenly fatherland.


Fr. Prior,
Through your manifest perseverance & trust in times of doubt, you inspire others who may be in their darker hours. St. Paul, pray for us!
PL in Morgantown, WV

Obediently and gladly done, Father Prior.

~ Br Melchesidech

And you found a beautiful home!

Very happy to join you in prayer to the Little Flower. I don't believe in coincidences either!
F.R. Maich


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