Our Secret Is Out

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One Place the Celtic Tiger Missed

The Celtic Tiger never reached the kitchen of Silverstream. In fact, he never even touched it with a hair of his tail! As you can see, I don't think the kitchen at Silverstream has been improved since The War. In its present condition it would be condemned by the Health Authorities, were they invited to inspect it.

Kitchen 10.jpg


Really, Really Bad

There are no surfaces for food preparation. The ceiling and walls are cracked, peeling, and full of damp. The floor is being lifted by humidity under the tiles. The cooker (stove) has an oven, the temperature of which cannot be adjusted. The few cabinets in the kitchen are damp, mouldy, smelly, and unusable. Dishes, utensils, and cooking vessels are stored on open shelves, subject to falling bits of the ceiling, dust, and God knows what else. The electrical wiring needs to be redone completely. The sinks and plumbing are in desperately sinister condition.


Just Make It Healthy, Safe, and Functional

We haven't the financial means to make our kitchen healthy, safe, and functional. We can try to keep it clean. We are "making do" with what is there, but the reality is that it is very difficult to prepare meals in this environment. We are praying that someone will be moved to say, "God has been good to me. I will assume the cost of renovating the monks' kitchen at Silverstream Priory." God is not outdone in generosity.



I originally planned to put the book shop and priory church first, so that we would have (1) a remunerative work that would begin to give us some kind of fiscal security, (2) a worthy temple for the praise and adoration of the living God, and (3) the indispensable boundaries of our monastic enclosure in place. Alas, it has happened that people visiting the priory and seeing the kitchen are horrified by what they have discovered, and of the opinion that, for the sake of health and safety, the kitchen must be entirely renovated.





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Dom Mark Daniel Kirby is Conventual Prior of Silverstream Priory in Stamullen, County Meath, Ireland. The ecclesial mandate of his Benedictine community is the adoration of the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar in a spirit of reparation, and in intercession for the sanctification of priests.

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