New Liturgical Resource: Pax Inter Spinas

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Image: Dom Tarisse, Superior General of the Congregation of Saint-Maur

I have given Dom Benedict my blessing to pursue his study of the 17th century Monastic Breviary of the Benedictine Congregation of Saint Maur. The Maurist Breviary is a treasury of scriptural and patristic texts, artfully woven together so as to express luminously the mysteries of the feasts and seasons of the liturgical year. The Maurist Breviary is as suitable for lectio divina as it is for choral prayer. Dom Benedict will be sharing his discoveries, as time permits, on a new blog entitled, Pax Inter Spinas, A Modern Monk Discovers the Liturgical Riches of the Benedictine Congregation of Saint Maur (1621-1790). Do visit Pax Inter Spinas today.


Father Prior,

It's been a good while since the Maurists, er, lost their head. I'm thinking the congregation is ripe for a re-establishment!

~ Br Melchesidech

Dear D. Kirby,

Thank you for the link. I'll keep an eye out.

Thank you, Dom Benedict, for this. I look forward to reading and praying with your posts.
Pax in Lumine,F.R. Maich, obl, osb

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