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Pudewa Family & Fr Prior.JPG

The visit of the Pudewa Family from Oklahoma -- Andrew, Robin, Christopher, and Elizabeth -- came wrapped in the graces of Holy Week and Pascha. Robin is an Oblate of the monastery.

Meal shared with Pudewa Family.JPG

During the first days of unpacking, demolition, and construction, we ate all together in the kitchen. Here from left to right are: Andrew Pudewa, Robin Pudewa, Father Prior, Pat Cullen, Brother Benedict, J.B. Kelly, and Kevin Symonds. We have since moved into the refectory.

Chris Pudewa and John Kelly.JPGChris Pudewa and John Kelly2.JPG

Chris Pudewa and John Kelly engage in a little lighthearted comedy during a demolition job. At one point we had two men named John Kelly working in the house at the same time: J.B. Kelly from Missouri, and John Kelly from County Limerick.

Silverstream Kitchen.JPG

Here is our kitchen. You can see that it needs work. There are no counters or usable cabinets for food preparation and storage. The arrangement of the sink (not shown) is very impractical. The kitchen needs to be renovated completely. The new refrigerator was a gift from our neighbours Mary and Bill.


Looking at the configuration of your old-fashioned kitchen, it seems that what is missing are the tables that used to be used for food preparation that took the place of modern counters. They were placed in the center of the floor, heavy duty and often had wheels that locked, so for example, bread could be prepared, wheeled to the oven, then wheeled aside to cool. Food could be prepared at the sink, then moved, chopped and cooked at a stove. Some of the more modern versions of the old kitchen preparation tables had cabinets or shelves in them for food storage. Perhaps former tenants took these? In the short term finding some replacements might make the kitchen easier to use.

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