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Help from Good Neighbours

God has blessed us with wonderful neighbours here in Stamullen. Just today, Colin Whelan and his son Sean were here to help us with an internet installation. Colin is the managing director of a communications company called Omnisys -- Keeping It Simple. He is an extraordinarily capable and generous man. 6 year old Sean told me that he wants to own a pet shop and train dogs when he grows up.


Hilda Joins the Fun

Colin and Sean joined us in the kitchen for a cup of tea. Hilda provided the craich. Young Sean Whelan took to Hilda instantly, and she to him.

Ora et Labora

The work in the priory is moving forward. I am amazed at how much has been done since we moved in on Monday of Holy Week. We have a brilliant team of workers. Project Manager Frank Brennan (and his wife Mary, an interior designer) fell right out of heaven to take charge of the work and get the job done. "Sparky" (electrician) Peter Sammon from Dublin is keeping our wiring safe and simple. All-around construction worker John Kelly can do just about anything. Now returned to the U.S. is J.B. Kelly, the heroic worker of the first hour. We miss J.B. very much, and look forward to his return. Also from the U.S. came the Pudewa family: Robin, Andrew, Christopher, and Elizabeth. The Pudewas helped us in hundreds of ways; Robin worked culinary wonders in our rather primitive kitchen. Friend Patrick Cullen from Rathkenny continues to come by several times a week.

In addition to the volunteer workers, we are happy to have three men here for a "come and see" experience of monastic life: Mark, an Irishman from the Cooley Peninsula, Kevin from South Carolina, and David from Oklahoma. Each man, with his unique gifts, contributes to the day-to-day life of the monastery.

As things now stand, we are having Matins early in the morning, followed by a time of adoration; Lauds and Prime at 8:00; Tierce and Holy Mass at 11:00; Sext after Mass; None at 3:30; Vespers, Rosary, and adoration at 5:00; and Compline at about 8:00. Brother Benedict has been preparing the main meal (at 1:00) and, as of last Wednesday, we are eating in silence in the refectory, with reading.


Thank you for Hilda pictures! What a wonderful monastery, with a dog and all. Benedictines must be truly happy!

Hilda is lookin' gooooood ! I am very happy to see her shining -now-ever-so-Irish- face ! (and Father Prior is looking very épanoui as well ! Bénit soit Dieu !

Father, welcome to your new home. I am wondering if the "one ear up" on Hilda (what a beautiful pet; I totally love her) is a Benedictine call for prayer. :)

At some point in time, do you think you could write a little more extensive "About" post and keep the link on your front page? I send folks to your site frequently, and it would be so nice for them to easily read a little [more] history. I find it interesting through all your Adoring that you are now in a place that looks quite like heaven, but I also know there are extensive faith issues in Ireland. Prayers are with you continually.

P.S. I love your garden/herb-related posts too. I imagine a Mary garden (along with the kitchen updating) is in the plans as well. (Hilda can help you dig!) Here's a link for your site visitors on Mary gardens:

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Dom Mark Daniel Kirby is Conventual Prior of Silverstream Priory in Stamullen, County Meath, Ireland. The ecclesial mandate of his Benedictine community is the adoration of the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar in a spirit of reparation, and in intercession for the sanctification of priests.

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