The Little Moment

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No moment spent in My presence is without value.
Every moment given Me is precious in My sight
and becomes fruitful for the whole Church.
It is not a question of quantity,
of spending long hours in My presence
when the duties of one's state in life require something else.
What I ask instead is the moment of pure adoration and of love
offered to Me from a simple, childlike heart.

Just as a mother takes delight in a single wild flower
offered by her child,
as much as in a great bouquet of flowers,
so too do I take delight in the moment offered Me out of love.

Begin, then, by offering Me what you can.
You will see that I will move you to add moment to moment
until you are giving Me all the time of adoration and of love
that I desire from you.

Too many souls are discouraged when they attempt to pray.
They think, wrongly, that unless they can undertake much,
they should undertake nothing.
And so they abandon prayer and leave Me alone,
waiting for their little moment of presence,
a consolation to My Heart.

Give Me the little moment of adoration and of love
and I will multiply it,
making it possible for you to give Me hours of adoration and of love,
as they become available in your life,
and as I ask them of you.

Too many souls try to do much
and end up doing nothing.
Better to begin by doing what is very little,
and by entrusting that little offering to Me,
confident that I will receive it
and turn it to My glory
and to the glory of My Father.

From In Sinu Iesu, The Journal of a Priest


Wonderful, this is one of my favourite posts ever.
These posts feed my soul!
Thank you Fr Mark

Wonderful! And you have chosen my favorite statue - one I rediscovered only last week. Thank you very much. Also, your priest prayers from a few posts ago were gratefully received and needed. I shared them with quite a few friends and prayed them. I keep them for future use.

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