Iam, Christe, Sol Iustitiae

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This is, I think, my favourite Lenten Office hymn. I cannot help but pair it with one of Turner's magnificent sunrises. You can find the melody in the Liber hymnarius.

The third strophe makes an incisive petition: "Remove the things that, of ourselves, / We cannot reach, or put aside." It reminds me of the prayer of Mère Yvonne-Aimée of Malestroit: "O my Jesus, do Thou in me whatsoever Thou desirest to find in me."

Lauds II

The darkness flees, and dew-kissed earth
Sings welcome to the waking day;
Hope holds to Christ the mirror high
To catch the Dayspring's healing ray!

You fill with light this sacred time,
Give tears as well to purify;
Give flames of love to purge our hearts;
In us your mercy magnify.

The hidden wound whence flow our sins,
Wash clean by bathing in the tide;
Remove the things that, of ourselves,
We cannot reach, or put aside.

The Day draws near when all re-blooms --
Your Day, O Christ, life-giving Lord!
We too will joy, by your right hand
From death's dark tomb to joy restored.

To God, the loving Trinity,
Let earth and sky adoring bend;
And evermore from hearts renewed
Let songs fresh sprung of praise ascend. Amen.

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