Our Lady and the Priesthood

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My Mother's Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart
is to be your refuge and your place of solace.
Go to my Mother in all your needs.
She is your Mother of Perpetual Help, that is, of unfailing help.
My Mother is at the service of all my priests.
She is their Mother, but she is also the humble handmaid of the Lord.
In every priest of mine she recognizes me,
and she places herself wholly at my service in my priests.
For all of that, she remains the Immaculate Queen of heaven and of earth.
All the riches of my Sacred Heart are hers to give away as she sees fit.
She administers the treasury of my Kingdom,
and all that is mine is hers to bestow freely and lavishly
according to the desires of her maternal and merciful Heart.

If all my priests knew this
-- not merely with their minds, but in their daily experience --
the priesthood would be transformed.
My Most Pure Mother is the faithful and indispensable collaborator
of the priest who represents me and pursues my work in the Church.
My Mother is attentive to the ministry of the priest
and to his personal spiritual needs,
as she was attentive to my ministry
and to all my needs during my life on earth.

Priests who do not collaborate with my Immaculate Mother
will be stifled in the exercise of their priesthood.
I Myself chose to have my Mother at my side
at the Hour of my Supreme Sacrifice.
I gave her to my beloved disciple John
so that all my priests would understand
that my Mother's place is at the side of every priest of mine,
especially when he stands at the altar
to offer my Sacrifice to the Father, and to speak and act in my Name.

Never fail to recognize the mystical presence of my Mother in the Mass.
She is there at your side.
She rejoices in your distribution of the fruits of my redemption,
and participates in it.
The hands of every priest are, in some way, held in my Mother's hands.
She acts with the priest.
Her participation in the Holy Sacrifice renewed upon the altar is silent but efficacious.
Her presence at the altar, though invisible, is real.
My Church has long acknowledged the presence of my Mother
at every offering of my Holy Sacrifice,
but it is now more than ever necessary
that priests should deepen their awareness of this most precious gift.
She is the Coredemptrix.
Just as my Sacrifice is renewed mystically in every Mass,
her offering, her participation in my offering, is also renewed.
The priest who knows this and allows it to penetrate his heart
will be graced with a holy fervour in every Mass he celebrates.

I grieve over the carelessness with which some priests approach my Holy Mysteries.
The remedy for this lack of reverence, attention, and devotion
is a filial recourse to my Mother.
Hers it is to prepare the heart of the priest
to offer the Holy Sacrifice worthily.
My Mother is full of solicitude for all her priest sons.
She wants to see them go to the altar clothed in humility,
in purity, in innocence of heart, and in profound adoration.
She accompanies every priest in the sacred actions of his ministry.
She sustains every priest by means of her all-powerful intercession.

My Mother is the guardian of all priests
and it is my desire that she be recognized as such.
The priest who knows this will have a refuge in temptation;
he will be safe under her protecting mantle.
If he should fall out of weakness, or negligence,
she will be there to raise him up
and to direct his steps into the way of penitence and of holiness.

From In Sinu Iesu, The Journal of a Priest


Sub tuum praesidium confugimus,
Sancta Dei Genitrix.
Nostras deprecationes ne despicias in necessitatibus,
Sed a periculis cunctis libera nos semper.
O Virgo gloriosa et benedicta!


A Thank You to all the priests who are so close to Mary their Mother and teach us to go to her for help! Realizing the close presence of Mary provides the glimpses into heaven on earth.

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