The "Yes" of Even One Soul

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No soul need ever be afraid of meeting my gaze,
for in my eyes there is naught but mercy and love.
Those who turn away from my gaze,
those who fear the encounter with me face-to-face,
are those who fall away from my love.

I call you to a life of adoration
so that you might contemplate my Face
and read thereon all the love of my Sacred Heart for poor sinners,
and especially for my priests.

Whenever a soul seeks my gaze,
my Heart is moved to show that soul an immense pity,
to lift her out of the sin into which she has fallen,
to bind up her wounds,
and restore her to the joys of friendship with my Heart.

When a priest begins to avoid looking at my Face,
he has begun to alienate himself from the merciful love of my Heart.
This will he begin, little by little,
to lose confidence in my mercy,
to consent to sin,
and to descend into the darkness of a life
from which I have been exiled.

Look upon me for those who turn away from me.
Seek my Face for those who avoid my Divine gaze.
Accept my friendship for those who refuse it.
Remain with me for those who flee from my presence.

This is the reparation I ask of you.
Offer yourself to me as did the little Thérèse;
thus will you allow me to love you freely,
and through you, my merciful love will triumph
even in the souls of hardened sinners.

The "Yes" of even one soul to my Merciful Love
is of immense benefit to a multitude of souls
who fear to say it,
or who are hardened in the refusal of my love.

From In Sinu Iesu, the Journal of a Priest


Thank you Father,
I pray that this sweet abandonment to Him will augment the merciful love of priestly hearts.

Dear Father,
Thank you for this beautiful meditation. It was very much an answer to prayer this very morning -- especially the part about the Divine Gaze, and also St. Therese's Offering to the Merciful Love of God.

I also listened to your podcast on St. Therese, and was delighted at the part where you mentioned that the Saints choose us, rather than vice versa. I have often thought the same, and was so encouraged to hear it from a worthy source.

Your blog is a treasure of spiritual reading, and I will return again and again. (This is my first visit.)

I too love Therese, and will be praying to her for you. God bless you, and thank you for your Holy Priesthood.


Thank you Fr Mark for your lovely meditation. I am going to have 200 copies printed and distributed to our Adorers in St. Senan's Parish here in Shannon, Co. Clare, Ireland and I will introduce your Christ-inspired thoughts also to Maurice Griffin of Ennis Parish (also in Co. Clare) who co-ordinates the apostolate of Eucharistic Adoration there.
Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in Ennis is 24 hours daily, 7 days a week, all year round and I believe that they have well over 500 Adorers! On the other hand, here in Shannon, we have approx. 200 Adorers and our Hours are Monday - Friday, 10am - 9pm.
May Jesus be always in our hearts.
Kindest Regards Fr. Mark,
Tom Kearney.

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